How to solve battery issues after ICS update in your Galaxy Note?


galaxy-note-battery-issuesUpdate: although the post was initially written for Galaxy Note with ICS, the method actually works for Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Note 3 and many other Android devices with different versions of Android.

After ICS update, some Galaxy Note users complained about poorer battery life compared with that with Gingerbread. Initially, I thought it is a problem of “feeling” because I personally felt similar battery life after the ICS update. I was a bit disappointed because I had expected some sort of battery life improvements.

Suddenly, last week, I encountered the battery drain issue: battery just draining crazily. In one hour it can drain 3-10% battery capacity when the phone is idle. So, I know the users complaining are not alone.

As I finished my investigation and found the culprit, now I share with you how to solve battery issues on your Galaxy Note after the ICS Update. If you already have battery issues or you feel you have battery issues, you may follow my steps.

First, I installed an free app called CPU Spy (, which will give you the duration of  each CPU state. When your phone is idle (screen off, no music playing, no downloading), normally, your CPU should be in “Deep Sleep” state. For example, after one night, you check your CPU Spy, it should look like this.

Normal CPU state in a Galaxy Note when you are sleeping.

As you can see, this is the normal situation. In the night, 95%of the time, the CPU is in deep sleep, and after 11 hours, about 6% battery was drained (I also checked emails before sleep).  If your phone does not go to deep sleep, you will find the duration on other state is higher. Very likely, you have battery drain issues if more than 20% battery are drained when you are sleeping (6-10 hours),  You probably will find far larger percentage on 200MHz state. If more than 30% are drained in one night, very likely, your phone never goes to Deep Sleep state.

So, install the CPU Spy (free), use your Galaxy note as usual for a few hours,  fully charge your phone, disconnect your Note from the charger, close all apps (it is NOT necessary to clear the cache; but is a good idea to disable WiFi). Then go to sleep. Check the battery status after 6-10 hours (if you can sleep that long).

If the battery drain is less than 1% per hour  (this gives discharging rate of less than 25mA, as your Note has a 2500mAh capacity) in idle state, you phone should be able to go to deep sleep state and don’t worry for the battery drain issue for the time being (as you may encounter another issue as I did).

If your phone drains battery faster than 1% per hour when you are sleeping. It means the phone has an insomnia problem. You need find out which app casues the problem.

Now you need installed another app named Better Battery Status ( If you want to support the author for this incredible app, you can buy it for about $2. Yes, if you are just want to do a short time test, you can download the identical (and also official) free one from XDA-Developers ( This is an official copy the author released for XDA-Developer community for free. You can find the download link for the APK file in the second post. Once the APK file is saved on your Note, you can then use any file exploer (e.g., MyFiles) to browse it and you will be offered to install it. Please make sure the Unknown sources is checked (under Settings–Security–Device Administration) if you install from APK file instead of the paid one from the Play store.

Once you start Better Battery Status, you can straightaway see a lot of info. You can select Partial Wakelocks since unplugged if you want to find out which app prevents your phone from going into deep sleep.  Here is an example (normal situation, no issues).

This is a normal situation; no major issues.

So, in the past 19 hours, some apps just keep the phone awake for a few mins. If you find any apps that listed here has long time associated with it (do NOT judge on the length of the bar; you should make judgement based on the percentage of this time to the total time), congratulations, you find the culprit. You can proceed to check the app settings.

Again, the image above indicates there are no problems. The longest partial wakelock is only a few mins. Don’t be panic when you look at the bar.

As I told you at the start of this post, last week I encountered battery drain issues caused by the kernel, possibly a kernel bug. All of a sudden, my Note went crazy: draining the battery very fast. Initially I though it could be caused some apps. But after I checked the battery status, I found out it was caused by the kernel  (fuel_alerted).  and here is the screenshot.

If you encounter this fuel_alerted guy, you have to shutdown your phone, remove the battery.

Anyway, this is a kernel bug in ICS, we have to wait for new update. The solution for this is: shutdown your Note, peel off the back cover, remove the battery; hold the battery for more than one min, put the battery back, put back the back cover; start the phone. Then, everything goes back to normal. Reboot your phone will NOT solver this issue, at least for me.

Next time, when you encounter this issue again, try the procedure again.

But it seems it is hard to hit the bug again. I tried to enable/disable power saving; tried to reboot, tried to turn on/off GPS, I simply cannot get the problem again. I know the problem is NOT fixed, it will come out someday, but I don’t know when.  We have to wait for another update to permanently fix this issue.

Do you have any other battery issues? Does this guide work for you?

More tips on Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Note 8.0 and Galaxy Note 10.1 can be found in Tips and Tricks page.

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If you want to download the PDF version of Galaxy Note 3, Note Ii, Note 8.0. Note 10.1, or read the PDF version on line, you can find all of them in this User Manual page.


  1. sync64 says

    what i found that ICS battery drain problem is caused by excessive & continuous cpu usage triggered by lock screen when you use pin,swipe, facial recognition as security mode for lock screen. solution is to use password protection for lock screen.

    • GalaxyNote says

      thanks for sharing.

      usually face unlock may drain a bit more battery as it need the front camera. but it should not be an issue unless you unlock your phone quite often.

      swipe, pin and password normally has no difference in battery consumption.

      anyway,this is just my feeling.

  2. jon says

    hi i just downloaded cpuspy and wakelock and i turned on the partial wake lock. apparently my note hasnt been in a sleep mode before. any better solution to the battery woes?

    • GalaxyNote says

      Did you find the culprit from the BetterBatteryStatus App? As mentioned in the post, you need look for something in partial wakelock, and kernel wakelock. For me, it is fuel_alerted under kernel wakelock. The solution for this is to remove the battery and restart the phone.

      If you find something under partial wakelock, it usually caused by one of the apps.

      Anyway, would you please let us know what are the output of your kernel wakelock and partial wakelock?

      (I’m sorry I haven’t found a way for users to upload files; maybe after the forum is setup it would be easier to upload.)

  3. Heico says

    The samsung lock screen is buggy. disable screen lock and you will save a lot of accu power. The bug happens not every time. Check this for one week. ICS was offical samsung release.

    • GalaxyNote says

      did you often play music or radios? such activities may give a lot of such wakelocks. this is nomal.

      if this is not the situation, you may try to disable touch pad tone, touch sounds, and screen lock sound (under settings-sound), then restart your phone.

      you may try

      • tony says

        tried that, still not working.
        now under the kernel wakelog, multidp also has a high percentage, around 9%

        • GalaxyNote says

          shutdown your phone, remove the battery. Then put it back and restart the phone.

          BTW, what is the absolute time for the on time (since…), deep sleep, awake, screen on? (in BetterBatteryStatus, choose Other to see these)

    • nova@note says

      I have the same issue. I suspected AudioOut_1 is the main culprit.eventhough my device SGNote was in deepsleep but there were awake intermittently

      • Galaxy Note says

        you may check the wake lock duration, if it is just a few mins, you can ignore it. If you are suing radio or media player, the audioout wake lock is always there. If you put your phone in driving mode, it may also have long audioout wake lock.

        the intermittent wake-up is normal for an Android phone as long as the total duration is not long. If you really want to minimize these wake locks, you can disable syncing, and disable background process. Anyway, usually this is not necessary.

  4. DJ says

    Thank you very much for putting this together.
    This was really helpful and I had the same issue which is now resolved! :)

  5. Amila says

    thanks. i also got the same issue with GS2, after upgrading to ICS 4.0.3.
    when i checked with above apps, it also gave me ‘fuel_alert’ issue. after one night phone was not in deep sleep at least one second.

    did the fix by removing battery, few hours back and it seems to be fine now. still i have to check, but now it is not showing ‘fual_alert’ and also it went to deep sleep 1.5 hours within last 2 hours..
    thanks again

  6. naveen says

    This blog helped me a lot…..I was facing battery drain issues. I sorted out the problem by installing CPU spy and better battery stats. The culprit was l2_l2hsic, this is related to wifi settings. I turned off the setting, now the phone goes deep sleep mode without any problem :-)

    Thanks a lot……………

    • ravi says

      Hi, I am also facing the same issue, in battery status it is showing as like 13hr Awake and 13 hr of I2_hsic.

      Can you please tell me what you have done for this. ?

  7. MokkaNote says

    Mine is “l2_hsic” what it suppose to mean? I charged my note 100% before I sleep. then when I woke up (6 hours later) my battery was down to 60%. and “l2_hsic” is the reason why.

    I thought it has something to do with “Network Booster” App, but after I un-installed it, it seems the problem didn’t go away.

    can anyone help me? thanks!

    and thank you for this brilliant blog! great blog!

  8. isz says

    hey there..i faced this problem since the first time i use the galaxy note..few days ago,i just upgrade the android to 4.0 ICS..and the battery problem seems to be more critical..when i fully charged the phone,it only last for about 5-6 didnt be on the ON mode,what should i do?
    please help me

  9. Aria says

    Hi all, it’s weird but In GB, it drains 8~10 % battery in 11 hours deep sleep mode but after ICS updates it JUST drains 1%.
    and also in medium duty like wifi usage it drains slightly lower than GB.

  10. Aria says

    one thing to note:
    after ICS update GPS and Voice Talk didn’t work and also it crashes some times (screen blink!) but after Factory Reset all problem gone!
    GPS and voice talk now responsible and internet browsing is realy fast and wifi strength is better now!
    and i stated before battery usage in deep sleep mode is REALY good now, but in working mode I can’t see huge difference but i think it consume battery less than GB.

  11. CK says

    Thanks this has ben very helpful. I followed your instructions and my phone seems to only go into deep sleep about 56% of teh time and 200MHz 34% of the time. The others are between 1%-3%. Using Better Battery the item that seems to be the problem is “deleted_wake_locks”. Any idea what this is or how to fix it. Any help is greatfully appreciated.

    Thanks again.

    • GalaxyNote says

      deleted_wake_locks usually is kernel related, but occasionally some apps may cause such an issue. There are no known fix, as I know, because it is related to so many system processes.

      The simply way to avoid it is to try to shutdown the phone–remove the battery–hold the battery for 10 seconds– put the battery back–start the phone.

  12. Ron says

    I updated my galaxy note today to ics, but i started regretting it the minute i started using it. It has turned very laggy. Right now, all i want is to revert back to gingerbread. Can anyone please help? Thankyou. : )

    • Galaxy Note says

      Reboot your phone!

      If not working, backup important data/info, do a factory reset.

      If still not working, do an emergency firmware recovery through Kies.

      Hope you changed your mind.

  13. BKusuma says

    I encountered the same “Fuel alerted” problem, then I tried your suggestion, and now it’s gone. But my Note still won’t go into deep sleep after 12 hours. I checked with BetterBatteryStats and it shows the problem is in kernel wakelock “vbus_present” even when I’m not charging. I tried to pull the battery out again but it didn’t go away.

    Help :(

    • Galaxy Note says

      I remember this kernel lock is probably related to some hardware issues. And one possible scenario is high moisture in your phone (e.g., shower with your phone). And someone came out with a rice therapy: remove battery, put your phone in a rice bag/container (your phone should be buried in rice) for one or two days.

      It sounds like a joke; but I remember there is a story of fixing water damages using this rice therapy. Now I cannot find the link and the video.

      If you Note did contact water recently, you may give it a try (if you have rice at home). Never try this before!!!

      If you do not want to try rice therapy. You can just remove battery and let the phone rest a few hours or one day if you have a spare phone.

      Or you can backup your data and do a factory reset. If it is a software issue, factory reset should fix it.

      Anyway, if convenient, you can also visit local Samsung service center for a check and fix.

      • BKusuma says

        Well, fortunately I have bags of rice at home, so maybe I’ll give this alternative “medicine” a try.

        But just in case I have to do the reset, which method is better: Through the clockwork mode or just go to Settings-Back up and reset-Factory Reset?

        Thanks, you’ve been such a huge help.

        • Galaxy Note says

          you don’t need cwm. just go to settings and perform the factory reset. please note,you will lose al data and root(if the phone was rooted). so,backup your data first.

          the rice therapy is only for water/moisture damages. use it when others do not work.

  14. Mani says

    All the people having battery draining issue (GB or ICS) install “CPU tuner (Rooted phones)”. Its free.

    My Note@GB was draining 30% battery in 10 hours of Standby. Now it drains only 1%. Woohoooo!!! 😀

  15. Aurora says

    Thanks! Your tips are working.. but i improvise a little bit by going to settings and set ‘No Background Process’ instead of ‘Standard Limit’ . I think this ensures that Note will not have any background process ( that we don’t realise or see in task manager) . This settings can be found in Settings>Developer Options>Apps section

    • Galaxy Note says

      thanks for sharing your experience. This may save some battery, but it may also make your phone slightly less responsive sometimes.

      anyway, we always have to compromise between battery life and responsiveness.

  16. Puneeth says

    For me it was ’12_hsic’ which was causing problems.
    Removing battery and restarting the phone worked wonders for me. Battery life has extended to around 40 hours from the earlier 20 hours.

  17. Puneeth says

    Samsung has released a new update in India. Android 4.0.3
    Hope this will resolve issues with the battery.

      • Galaxy Note says

        thanks for sharing the info. Yes, ICS 4.0.4 started to roll out yesterday. Now many European and Asian users got the update.

  18. Sandeep says

    First of all, thanks for putting this up. This is simple great for a newbie like me. I did as you instructed and here are the observtions:
    1. For 10hrs(overnight) my note never went to deep sleep. This I found out by using CPUSpy as instructed by you.
    2. Then using BetterBatteryStats (ver 1.9 RC2) I tried to nab the culprit but couldn’t find anything suspicious using the default app settings. I fiddled around more with the settings and after looking at “Settings -> More -> Raw kernel wakelocks” I found that “fuel_alert” had taken 93 % of my notes up time. I think this is the culprit. I will use the solution which you have proposed for this (i.e taking out the battery for a min). Pls let me know if I am on the wrong track.

    • Galaxy Note says

      thank you for your feedback. yes, for fuel_alert wakelock, you have to remove the battery because it is related to hardware. samsung said this will be fixed in 4.0.4.

      • Aswath says

        Hi. When will android 4.0.4 be available for India users? i’ve upgraded to 4.0.3 yesterday but this battery usage thing is taking all the fun out of the note.

          • Lancepick says

            Dear sir,

            May i know that isit ICS 4.0.4 can only update through Kies? Because I didn’t receive any update in my galaxy note..I has downloaded the cpuspy and checked that my phone didn’t go into deepsleep. About the betterbatterystats, the dev has changes the version for Android 4.2.2 users..I wonder that do u still have the apk of the old version of betterbatterystat that for 4.0.3 user..
            Sorry if my english are not good..

            Official Galaxy Note GT-N7000 unrooted..

          • Galaxy Note says

            Some regions skipped 4.0.4 update. The most reliable way to update is through Kies. If Kies tells you already have the latest version firmware, it means there are no updated for your handset yet.

            BBS should work on ICS as well. We are not authorized to distribute the apk file.

  19. Sandeep says

    Thanks for your reply. Your suggestion works perfectly. After following your suggestion, my phone is going in deep sleep now and battery is not draining anymore. One thing which puzzles me is that if this is a kernel bug then why it is not hitting all the Galaxy Note users as I have come across few updates on the net where people had absolutely no issues after Galaxy note was upgraded to ICS.

    • Galaxy Note says

      Not everybody will trigger it. It is also related to hardware/firmware. The issue is not limited to ICS, GB may also have this issue.

  20. ene says

    Just got the l2_hsic, down to 30% in 2.5 hours.. that’s crazy…. cpu stuck at 800Mhz…
    I hope they soon release a new kernel.

    • Galaxy Note says

      The ICS 4.0.4 is coming in one or two months, as I know. Some bugs will be fixed, hopefully this one is in the fixed list.

        • Galaxy Note says

          Yes, it already started to roll out in Germany today. All regions should get this minor update (from 4.04) within one or two months.

          BTW, AT&T’s ICS update for Galaxy Note is also 4.04.

  21. says

    I ve had this issue of sudden battery drain
    yesterday before i went to bed the charge was 72%
    and when i woke up it was 25% (wifi off/ mobile data off, sync off)
    This is very random only happens when i dont switch off the phone after switching off Sync and Mobile Data
    Well this post is really very good to understand
    have already purchased the betterbatterystats
    Let me check now whos the culprit

  22. Banvari Lakhotia says

    Now I have improved performance. Thanks to this post. May be first thing is to remove battery and connect again after ICS update..most of the problems will be solved..seems to me!

    • Galaxy Note says

      Thanks for sharing the info. As the 4.0.4 update is just rolled out in most countries, I will see whether some of the battery issues are solve in this update.

  23. Prem says

    Yesterday I upgraded my Note with ICS 4.0.3. Initially I was very impressed with the way my phone was functioning. No lag, very responsive etc. But soon I realised my battery was draining way too fast. I will try the above solution and hope it works. I am very upset the way my battery is draining in idle mode.

  24. rozsasr says

    Hi for me it is ’12_hsic’ which still causing problems.
    Removing battery and restarting the phone worked wonders for me. Battery life has extended But im having to do this every 3-4 days any ideas

    • Galaxy Note says

      No other workarounds except reboot your phone.

      Probably this was fixed in ICS 4.0.4 update as I haven’t encounter any battery issues so far after updating to 4.0.4.

  25. gilberto gonzalez says

    HI! thanks for the guide its very helpfull, i tryed everything and got the following results:
    My note never went to deep sleep in 8 hrs. only on the 200 Mhz 85% of the time
    Under Partial Wakelocks-
    AudioOut_837 has 4.8% 4.5% 4.5%
    ImapFolderPusher Gmail:INBOX 3.7
    AlarmManager 2.1%
    NetworkStats 1.1
    And a few others with less than 1%
    Can you help me correct this!!!

    • Galaxy Note says

      Did you check the Kernel wakelock?

      It seems your partial wake lock is ok, you need look the Kernel wake lock.

      • gilberto gonzalez says

        yes i did, i got the following results:
        “PowerMaqnagerService” 4m 40sec 7.1%
        “deleted_wake_locks” 1m 24 sec 2.1%
        “multipdp” 1m 21 sec 2.1
        “l2_hsic” 1m 2 sec 1.6%
        Thanks again for your help!

        • Galaxy Note says

          Based on the output, for me, it seems it is ok and there should be no battery strain issues.

          Maybe, you can try to reboot your phone, and then reset the timer in CPUSpy, wait a few hours and read the output from both CPUSpy and BetterBatteryStats again.

  26. zeinolla says

    go to settings, system/developer optins set window animation scale=animation off. touchwiz will be faster and battery will discharge slowly :-)

  27. Hariyanto Salim says

    Thank you for the battery tips. It does help solve the deep sleep problem.
    From my experience, there is no need to take out the battery. Just let your Note sits for a while when shut down. 10-20 seconds should do it.

    I love this blog! and I am looking forward to 4.0.4 and Jelly Bean for Note.

    Greetings from Indonesia,
    using my Note on ICS 4.0.3

  28. says


    I’m from Brazil update my galaxy note from ODIN ’cause Samsung didn’t deliver the update in my country till now.

    First I updated to I.C.S. 4.0.3, and got some battery issues, discovered your blog and tried to solve that. At first it did solve, but just a bit of the problem. The phone stay um deep sleep when I turn off any connection to the wireless network or 3G/4G network. But when I turn on these networks, the battery just drain out.

    When I was with the GB the battery normally last for at least 15 hours with the networks enabled, now, with ICS 4.0.3, it drains 10% of battery/hour.

    I did the procedure just as you described above, installed the stuff, but the FUEL Alert just doesn’t come on, I got a high 200mhz use.

    I updated it do ICS 4.0.4. and the battery drain issue kinda goes on yet.

    Should I do the battery-take-off procedure everytime? Should I downgrade to GB again? Or does it happen everytime the network is on?

    Once in GB I read about a battery save thing that only sync the account in 30 to 30 minutes. How do I activate that on ICS?

    And another doubt, in notification Menu i got a battery saver icon, when i turn that on the phone gets a little bit slow, and when it is off the phone gets a beautiful fluency, really great, how is that?

    thanks, and that’s a great post (sorry by the lot of questions).

      • Galaxy Note says

        deleted_wake_lock usually is linked to wifi and mobile data, especially when you switch between them, or your 3G coverage is not good.

        a reboot should correct this.

    • Galaxy Note says

      for the fuel_alerted, you have to remove the battery. I haven’t encountered this issue after updating to ICS 4.0.4.

      “Power saving” can extend battery life (about 10% based on my test) at the price of speed. Essentially, your phone will not be so responsive.

      If you want to make your system more responsive, you can disable the animations. (settings–developer options–Window animation scale, transition animation scale)

      for the sync frequency, if you are using Gmail App, if you choose Syn that gmail account, you can setup what (e.g., calendar, email, contacts)to be synced, but you cannot setup frequency as the email will be “pushed” (notification) instead of synced. If you are using the email client (or social hub), for each account, you can set the “Email check frequency”. You need do this for each account.

      With wifi or 3G data on (but not in active use), the normal battery drain should be less than 2% per hours. For mine it is about 1% per hour. This depends on your sync settings.

      So, a couple of settings you can try:
      1. change the setting for Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep to “Only when plugged in”. (settings–WiFi–Advanced”)
      2. turn off sync for all accounts and then turn on some essential ones (settings–Accounts and syn)
      3. turn on “Restrict background data” (you need set mobile data limit first on the same page). (settings–data usage)
      4. (may negatively affect phone performance, so just for testing) disable background processes (settings–developer options–background process limit–no background processes)

  29. Ron says

    After installing ICS on my AT&T Note, I’ve experienced the power problem to a degree but the larger problems I’m having deal with utilizing the screen’s keyboard and the continual re-retrieval of the same email. Trying to key in anything on the screen now takes two or three times as long due to bizarre responses throwing incorrectly typed words. At first I just thought it was the auto correction so I turned that off completely…it helped but still does’t eliminate the issue. The other problem is incredibly annoying since my phone continually notifies me of new incoming email. And since I’m on the road a great deal, I have to pull over to read my email only to find out that it’s the same email entries I’ve opened and closed 10 or 20 times already that day. And today it’s began opening up between 25 and 50 at a time…and each one has to be reopend and closed to get them “off” the screen as current email.

    In the scheme of things, these two issues may seem minor compared to other issues but for someone who is constantly on the road going to appointments, these issues are a real pain. I am ready to have AT&T tell me how to switch back to GB fro ICS since I don’t think “fixes” are within the forseeable future.

    • Galaxy Note says

      For the keyboard,did you try some alternative keyboards? Occasionally, I use Hacker’s Keyboard because of the ctrl key.

      For Gmail, there should be no issues. So, before you find a solution, you may forward your emails to gmail account and use the Gmail client. In the email client(social hub or email), you simply disable email notifications. Once you receive a notification from GMail and you want to reply from your business account, then you go to your email client to reply. I personally use this method to manage most of my emails.

      For the multiple notifications, it may also be related to your mail server settings, especially if your company is using the Exchange server. Anyway, I have no clue which settings may cause that problem.

  30. Ron says

    Another problem is this stupid Kies program…9 out of 10 times my Note is not recognized by Kies even after going through the pitifully slow Connection Troubleshooting process. I haven’t found one thing about either Kies or ICS that has impressed me at all. I would gladly trade this POS phone for two cans and a string right now…either Samsung or AT&T or both should be ashamed of this ridiculous software, including the Kies crap.

    • Galaxy Note says

      you may try to connect your Note to your PC first. After your phone is recognized by your PC, start Kies.

      • Ron says

        Thanks again for your input. However, the Keis program is the most inconsistent program I’ve ever seen. Maybe one in ten attempts to connect are successful….and it doesn’t matter how I do it. I’ve tried every conceivable combinations to get it to work and connect and nothing works consistently. That product has to be an embarrassment for Samsung.

        • Galaxy Note says

          yes, Kies needs lots of improvements. Anyway, we all know Samsung is a hardware company, and used to be good at cheap hardware.

          Hopefully, the success in Galaxy S2 and S3 can transform it to a hardware+software company (and provides more than just cheap plastics).

  31. Som says

    installed CPU spy as per your instructions and confirmed that mobile not going to sleep mode after hours. installed betterbatterystats and observed that

    in since unplugged:
    Moderate Signal – 8h51m43s – 97.5%
    Deep Sleep – 6h46m32s – 74.6%
    Awake – 2h18m46s – 25.4%

    Kernel wakelock:
    multipdp – 1h1m39s – 11.2%
    secril_fd-interface – 38m9s – 6.9%
    PowerManagerService – 28m40s – 5.2%
    l2_hsic – 14m49s – 2.7%

    Partial Wakelocks: – 12m20s – 2.2%
    AudioOut_1 – 11m45s – 2.1%

    Can you help me correct this!!!

    • Galaxy Note says

      it seems your Note did enter deep sleep state (6h 46mins). If your screen on time is longer than 1h 30mins, it should be very normal. Actually, the most important indicator is the difference between awake time and screen on time. If the difference is large, it means some processes keep your phone awake.

      for the kernel wake lock, multipdp is related to mobile data transfer. It is a bit high, but if you have some account syncing (e.g., Google plus, facebook, gmail) in the background, this can be normal.

      For the partial wake lock, there are no issues apparently.

      If you still feel the battery drain is too fast, please take down the screen on time as well.

        • Som says

          means do i need to screen on time after sleep mode?
          I am facing very severe battery drain issue… it drains 2 points for every 5 mins.

          • Galaxy Note says

            That is pretty fast drain.

            You need calculate the difference of awake time and screen on time (awake time-screen on time). Then, Compare this value with the phone on time.

            By the way, did you try to reboot your phone to see the difference?

          • Som says

            The stats are as below:

            awake – 3h 42m 13s – 69.3%
            deep sleep – 1h 38m 16s – 30.7%
            screen on – 1h 27m 29s – 27.3%
            phone on – 23m 14s – 7.2%

            Pls. help me out.

          • Galaxy Note says

            Yes, the awake time seems quite long. The awake time should be less than 2 hours unless you were listening to radios or music about 15-30 mins during this 3 hours.

            Your previous post shows you have a lot of multipdp kernel lock. You may simply reboot your phone, then disable background processes (settings–developer options–background process limit, choose no background processes). Then after a few hours, check whether your Note can enter deep sleep state and the difference between awake time and screen on time

  32. Freespirit says

    Thanks for the info, deep sleep wasnt being activated and fuel alerted was about. I took out the battery and that solved it. Sleeping like a baby again! Thanks.

  33. Pramod says

    :( I tried everything but my phone is getting drained very quickly, it just one month old an has problem since inception.
    Worse part is it takes 5 Hours :15 Min to get charged to 100%
    I bought this by using all my savings but I am disappointed, Thinking of lodging complaint in consumer court.

    Please help

    • Galaxy Note says

      First, you need check whether your phone can enter deep sleep state or not. Then track down the app or process draining your battery so fast.

      • Pramod Panigrahi says

        Its entering in Deep Sleep Mode but 200 MHz is in heavy use,
        My problem is not battery getting drained, it take more than 5 hours for complete charging. Also my apps like temple run shows unexpected hang and some time it Runs too fast…

        My money went into drain

        :( :(

        • Galaxy Note says

          If you use the original charger, it should take about 3 hours for a full charge (if you are not using it during charging). If you are using other chargers or charging from PC, the current may be too low (usually 0.5A) and therefore it take longer time to charge. The current for the official charger is 0.7-1A.

          When your phone is connected to charger, it is always awake. So, you will find out the heavy use of 200MHz.

          If you play game a lot, you may try to disable the power saving, and disable some widgets. Sometimes, you can try to disable background process (not a good habit). These will make your phone more responsive.

          • Pramod Panigrahi says

            you rwsponse very quickly thanks
            I used spy CPU n after one night I checked it and my battery discharged from 100% to 35% in exactly 7 hours.
            and its was not in deep sleep even for a single ssecond. 200 MHz was 92%

          • Galaxy Note says

            Yes, this is the main reason of battery drain. You need install BetterBatteryStats mentioned in the post to find out the causes.

            For most wake locks, you can reboot the phone. For fuel_alerted, you need remove battery.

          • Pramod Panigrahi says

            Again I need to spend money in Better Battery state…
            Even my Games Like temple run is hanging a lot…

          • Galaxy Note says

            You can try the free one mentioned in the post. There are no limits on functions or duration. Of course, if you are happy with it, you can buy one from Play store so that you can get update regularly.

  34. Som says

    Now the stats shows:

    awake – 1m 14s = 100%
    screen on 39s – 53.2%

    i did whatever mentioned above… but still i am facing battery drain issue :'(

        • Galaxy Note says

          this seems normal to me.

          If you still have battery issue, you can try to temporally disable background processes (settings–developer oprtions–background process limit)

  35. Adnan Elkot says

    hey bud,, thanks for the post

    actually today i face a big problem and a wear one ..

    last night, i was charging the galaxy note and keep the phone near to me, but (it wasn’t able to notice that its charging so i was afraid a bit but nothing happens to it at all, so what i have did by myself is shutdown phone, take out the battery, put it back and it have notice a charging signals and works).

    When i wake up last night, the phone was 20% charged !!, my parents take a phone a way from the bed in the morning to use the phone making some Calls, but it suppose to be charged more than 50% at least

    So when i took the phone and put it in charging cable and plug it with its original USB Adapter from Samsung it Doesn’t Response to Any Charging Signals

    I’ve tried (BlackBerry Charging Adapter & Plug the USB to PC & Plugin to Wall Direct Electricity) Nothing Changed at All .. this is a wear thing happens with me last night

    My OS is: Gingerbread (stock) (its unrooted) (without warranty) bought it from 3 months and it was working perfect

    Searching all over Googles & Youtubes (discoverd that many people facing that problem but they didn’t find usefull information about that, last result someone says throw away a phone from 2feet ledge and it will works around 50 people do that and it works but i didn’t do that i may fix something and damage other things, and other solutions says remove battery put it back and switch on device quickly at sametime i tried similar steps nothing changes)

    By the way, my brother has BlackBerry (he trys my USB adapter Original Samsung and it works with him)

    Hope i get a helpful info or solve for this error

    Thanks alot

    • Galaxy Note says

      First, you need determined whether the charging port/USB connector has problems. Simply connect your Note (when it is on) to your PC with the USB cable. If the PC can recognize your Note, or recognize something added, then you don’t have issue with the charging port. If the PC cannot detect anything, very likely, the charging port has issues, for example, too dirty, or spoiled. Then you have to visit Samsung service center to get it repaired. It may be not cheap, but you probably have no better choice.

      Second, if the PC can detect your Note, then, you need determine whether the connection between your phone and battery is good. Remove the battery, clean the connection/metal portion on the battery and in the phone with dry cloth. Put battery back and try to charge again.

  36. J Warne says

    Your initial suggestions worked fine, thanks! Thanks also to the other posters who have really expanded upon the issues. Regards. Warnoceros

  37. sps says

    As per your suggetion i installed the CPU spy and found that my phone remains at the 200Mhz state for 8 hrs and never goes into the Deep Sleep mode.
    i am encountering l2_hsic for over 8hrs and my battery is draining crazy !
    i tried some tips given aove a) rebooting the phone b) unplug the charger in unlocked screen.

    • Galaxy Note says

      it seems this issue is fixed in 4.0.4 update. The problem is easily encountered in ICS 4.0.3. Probably your update is 4.0.3.

      l2_hsic is related to network switching (e.g, from wifi to 3G, using 3G on road). it has nothing to do with the charger.

      If reboot does not solve the problem, you can shut down your phone and remove the battery, wait a few seconds, then put the battery back and start the phone.

      This is a bug, so the problem may come again a few days later. Most of the time, a reboot should temporally solve the issue.

    • sps says

      Thanks Buddy ! I just updated to 4.0.4 . Hope the battery drain problem gets sorted with this update.
      Will watch it for a couple of days and revert with my situation.
      Much appreciate your suggestions !

      • sps says

        My phone battery sucks even after getting the 4.4. 2 problems;
        1. Phone is taking more than 15 hrs to charge…… when it shows 100% and unplug it, the battery charged status falls to around 60% and then it starts charging again for next 8-10 hrs.
        Need to fix this asap.
        2. My original problem of rapid battery drain is not resolved yet. my phone does go into deep sleep for >90% time and records some activity at 200mhz. Nothing alrming has come up in the Better Battery status app also.
        kindly help asap.

        • Galaxy Note says

          If it takes 15 hours to charge with the original charger, very likely, the charger is faulty, or the battery is faulty. You can ask for a replacement.You may try other chargers. Occasionally, dirties on the connector (metal part) between battery and your phone can also cause problems. So, you can also try to rub this part with dry cloth.

          Normally, it should take about 2.5-3 hours to charge your Galaxy Note using the original charger.

          The battery drain can also be caused by some apps. From better battery status, you need also check partial wakelocks and others. You can also set Wifi sleep policy, or turn it off when it is not in use.

  38. mohsin says

    as mentioned in this post i have installed betterbatterystat. it shows that backup is taking up most of my battery.
    its been 4 h 40 m i unplugged my charger.
    but my backup status is
    Android system
    4h 12m 35s (15155s count: 1170 90..2%
    I am sorry i am really new to android can any one guide me what to do??

    • Galaxy Note says

      You may disable backup to Google servers: settings–Backup and reset, un-check Back up my data. The reboot your phone.

      • mohsin says

        yes it worked, note goes to deep sleep but still battery is draining fast. like 6-7 percent in an hour even if i am not using it :(((…. I love my new phone but battery problem is making me hate it.

        • Galaxy Note says

          6 percent per hour is too fast. Normally, if your Note is not in use, it should be about 1-2% per hour.

          A few things you may check:
          1). wifi sleep. Settings–WiFi–Advanced–set “Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep” as only when plugged in””
          2). turn off bluetooth (Settings-Bluetooth, off)
          3). turn off syncing, (settings– Accounts and Syn, turn off for testing, you can turn on individually based on your needs, and choose which to syn for each account)
          4). check you mobile data usage (settings–data usage, if you want, press left/menu button, then you can enable Restricted background data)

          • mohsin says

            ok will try that and get back to you later with results.. You are really a star to help us out here.

          • mohsin says

            i turned off all my background process limit in settings.
            it seem to work fine now.. but can i know draw back of doing this.

          • Galaxy Note says

            Normally it should not affect your system. Just occasionally, some apps may complain. You only need change it back when you get problems with some apps.

  39. HSp says

    Thanks for all the advice and help found here.
    After each charging cycle I have to take the battery out in order to enable deep sleep – it’s the only method which works. It’s increasingly difficult to bear the manufacturers’ lethargy in solving this bug quickly and effectively. Also to mention that permanent heat and excessive battery drain shortens the devices life time. Very disapointing, 4.0.4 is still not distributed here, but I am afraid it will not solve the issue (?)

    • Galaxy Note says

      apparently 4.0.4 update fix the battery issue. I have no issues after the 4.0.4 update.

      normally, you don’t need remove battery unless it is caused by fuel_alerted. Anyway, yes, it is quite annoying to remove battery and it may shorten the device life. Hope you will get the ICS 4.0.4 update soon.

      • HSp says

        Eventually I recieved the 4.0.4 update here (it just took a while….)
        Battery drainage issue seems to be definitely gone now.

        • Galaxy Note says

          Glad to know you get the 4.0.4 update. Enjoy.

          Probably you will also get another minor update for 4.0.4 soon. I got one last week, and is to “improve stability”, no new features.

  40. Lokesh says

    Just recently i noticed that my phone battrey drained like in a few hours….i was barely able to get 12hrs out of it.I got my battrey changed and charged it till it was full and started using it on the first day i removed it from charging and in 2hrs23min my battrey reached 51%.Is there any chance by which this problem can be solved.

        • Galaxy Note says

          It means your Note didn’t enter deep sleep mode. You need find out the possible causes by reading the output (wakelock, partial wakelocak) of the BetterBatteryStats.

          • Lokesh says

            deep sleep % =23%
            200MHz 48%
            100MHz 21%
            500MHz 1%
            800MHz 2%
            1600Mhz 1%
            and my battery is draining out very fast so please drains out completely in 7hrs

          • Galaxy Note says

            did you find out the wakelock, or partial wakelock causing the problem in the BetteryBatteryStats?

  41. mohsin says

    i have one question There is Screen modes in Setting. We have three options there and they Dynamic, Standard and movie.. Do any one have idea if any of these modes can save battery>??

    • Galaxy Note says

      no, it will not. It is just color scheme.

      the brightness does have significant impact on battery life.

  42. jeremy says


    I upgraded to ics 4.04 and the phone is not having some issues then after a couple of weeks ive been experiencing the said battery issue. Ive tried installing the 2 battery monitor programs and it seems to be normal. Tried turning off/remove battery and put it bavk after a minute(sometimes more) then restart. Still the same problem… Any other fix for this??

    • Galaxy Note says

      You need check whether your phone can enter deep sleep state or not with CPUSpy. If not, check install BetterBatteryStats to find out the causes.

      As I know, there are no battery issues after ICS 4.0.4 update.

      • jeremy says

        On cpu spy 92% deep sleep. In betterbatterystatus it was set to others and since unplugged: no data connection 100% 1day 7h 22 minutes. No reference on kernel wakelock since unplugged. The other metrics are all in the minutes unit. I factory reset my note and when i inserted a new sd card the problem is no longer occuring. Then after a day i try playing music via bluetooth headset paired to my note then the battery drains so fast and the the phone is very hot. The problem is intermittent. Im thinking it might be a battery issue.. But thanks to this thread i can hear some effective tips from pros like you guys before i change the battery

        • Galaxy Note says

          Did you check your mobile data? If your mobile plan does not have mobile data, you’d better turn it off.

          Any 92% deep sleep is a good sign.

          Bluetooth always drain battery fast. If you want to listen music for long time, use the wired one, which usually has better quality as well.

          • jeremy says

            Yup moblie data plan off. When charging my phone it gets hot and never reached 100% charged instead it decreases. I always need to turn off the phone so that it will be able to charge…

          • Galaxy Note says

            First, make sure to use the official charger. Some old chargers only have 0.5mA current.

            If you are using the official charger, but the battery level goes down, it’s better to visit Samsung service center because it could be faulty charger or faulty battery.

      • jeremy says

        Hello again. I changed the battery of my note and the battery is much stable now. Actually if i left it locked the battery almost not depleted at all. But all of asudden my note becomes warm without any major background processes running. I noticed everytime i charged my note its not reaching full charge. Im thinking it might be the charger but i dont know. Is there a thing like a bad charger delivering bad current to the notes system making it very warm in times?

        • Galaxy Note says

          When the phone is being charged, it should get warm, and your phone will not enter deep sleep mode.

          Fully charging your note (from 1% to 100%) should take about 3 hours with the bundled wall charger. If the percentage cannot reach 100%, probably, you can try to fully deplete the battery (use the phone until the battery percentage is 0%), and shutdown your phone (you cna also remove the battery and put it back again), then start to charge. This will try to re-calibrate (not very scientific) the percentage.

          You don’t need to do this quite often. Just remember, each month, you should let the battery level goes below 10% at least once, then fully charge it.

  43. kaka says

    hi, i after i installed Better battery status, i found out in partial wakelocked, AudioOut_1 is the main issued, wake up 2 hours ++ since i used the phone 3 hours. what can i do to solve this problem?

    • Galaxy Note says

      Did you listen music or use radio in these 3 hours? The partial wakelock is normal if you have continuous audio output.

      If not, you can try to disable some sound settings, e.g., dial pad touch tones, touch sounds, screen lock sound (Settings–Sound).

      • kaka says

        No, i just played game from battery 100% until 3% after 3 hours ++. btw, i open the sound while i playing games. I mute all the dial tone or touchpad tone long time ago.

        • Galaxy Note says

          This sounds normal, if you can play games for 3-4 hours. If you want to make it longer, change the brightness.

          • kaka says

            my battery drained so fast! about 10% with in an hours for just wifionline and search apps in playstore. i am using firmware version of 4.0.4. Pls help me to solve this issue, thanks!

          • Galaxy Note says

            The battery life in Galaxy Note for continuous use is about 4-5 hours only. 10% for one hour usage is very normal. Battery issue usually refers to having problems to enter deep sleep mode when the phone is not used. You may try to install CPUSpy to check whether your phone can enter deep sleep mode or not. After ICS 4.0.4 update, there are very few reports on battery drain issues.

            If you want to save battery, you may 1). set display brightness as automatic; 2). enable power saving

  44. says

    Thanks for the advice
    well that solved the problem untill the next l2_hsic pop and ruin the deep sleep
    Anyways i read a post where in a user did a factory reset and then formatted usb storage
    Then Calibrating the battery by draining off the battery to 0% and then charging to 100 % while the Phone is switched off
    I did that and found out that my Note goes to Deep Sleep the moment it turn my screen off
    Lets see if the l2_hsic popup again
    will post it till then happy battery time
    Note :: I have also installed

    • Galaxy Note says

      For ICS 4.0.3, if you get battery issues with ls_hsic wakelock, you just need reboot your phone. Probably, factory reset, formattig usb storage will NOT solve the issue. You need wait for ICS 4.0.4 update.

      • says

        I have just started using it after the battery calibration

        CPU Spy and Battery Stats (Thanks to this post i installed both the apps) shows that my phone goes into Deep Sleep mode

        However, when i applied the method posted here(removing the battery for 10 sec) i got the same results for a while but then again l2_hsic showed up

        Am monitoring the Deep Sleep mode for a while
        and if everything works normal for atleast a month then i will post the method in a blog

        When i had this Battery drain issue this was the only post which helped me(such a detailed study on battery usage)
        Thanks to You!

        • Galaxy Note says

          You only need remove battery if the battery drain is caused by fuel_alerted. For most other causes, most of time, a reboot is sufficient.

          Also, when read the results, notice two important indicators: 1). whether your phone enter deep sleep state (you probably need reset timers after charging); 2) after a few hours,read the difference between screen on time and wake time.

          • says

            Good News & Bad News
            1) Bad news
            I thought to monitor the Deep Sleep mode after factory reset, can’t do it coz i got a software update
            2) Good News
            Software Update Android 4.0.4 for Galaxy Note (India) about 110 mb
            Super cool !!!
            Nice UI Changes and Hope they have fixed the Kernel Bug !!!

  45. ravi says

    Hi i just downloaded the Better battery status and CPU SPY APPS. i had gingerbread before and updated to ICS 4.0.3 recently and after that continuous i am facing the battery drain issue. as You guys suggested i check in the APP “battery status” and found that my mobile is never going to sleep mode and i saw that all the time this I2_HSIC was running, i tried some solution given by yous guys, but nothing is working.

    1. i tried the battery removing.
    2. i tried the charging when mobile off.
    3. i tried the complete formatting.

    but still same issue, Yes i have not yet trued the Factory reset, is that any difference in Factory reset and Complete formatting,

    if yes then please let me know whether it can solve the issue or still i have to wait for the some more update from ICS.

    please help me as i used to be outside for more time and for me managing this battery is big curse.

    initially i loved my Note but now i am hating it… :(

    • Galaxy Note says

      It is a kernel bug, so factory reset or formatting are NOT necessary. It has nothing to do with charging.

      And this bug is apparently fixed in ICS 4.0.4 update. Just wait a few days for this update.

      Before you get the 4.0.4 update, you can just reboot the phone, and the problem should be away for a few days. (It may come again later..)

      • ravi says

        Today only i got update for 4.0.4 and i have update my Note with it. Now in Better battery status i am not seeing that I2_HSIC wakelock, but still my battery drainage is same, when i checked the Better Battery Status and CPU SPY i found that still My NOTE is not going to Deep sleep mode and i saw the status of BBS and found that WIFI_ON is always on till the Awake time.

        initially also (Gingerbread) my wifi used to be ON always.. then why its causing issue into going deep sleep mode.

        Please help me in understanding this.

        • Galaxy Note says

          You can change the sleeping policy for WiFi. Go to Settings–Wi-Fi–Advanced–Keep Wi-Fi on During sleep, choose Only when plugged in.

          Also, you can manually disable WiFi once you finish using WiFi (anyway, most people cannot remember).

          • ravi says

            HI Thanks for the advice.
            I am seeing one thing.. i was just checking my Battery by disabling the WIFI and want to make sure that its going to Sleep mode.
            then i noticed in the Better battery status is my Mobile is still in completely wake state because under OTHER category i can see that :
            Moderate Signals is taking 100 %,

            can you tell what is this and why this is coming. how can i improve my note battery life.. i am fed up now.

          • Galaxy Note says

            In other’s category,you need read:
            1) total time, that is since XXh XXm XXs;
            2) Deep sleep duration (XXh XXm XXs), ;
            3) Awake duration (XXh XXm XXs);
            4) screen on time (XXh XXm XXs);
            5) WiFi on time (XXh XXm XXs);
            among them, 1)= 2) + 3).

            You need calculate the difference of 3) and 4), and 3) and 5)

  46. Shajahan says

    Thanks for this wonderful and helpful blog.

    After following your instructions , this is what i got on PartialWakelocks : Network LocationLocator (GoogleAndroip maps) 4.4% ; AudioOut_1 1.1%

    Kernel Wakelocks : No reference since unplugged set (o sec.) but the blue bar is 100%

    My BAttery drains fast too. What setting i need to change in maps?

    • Galaxy Note says

      Probably you didn’t wait long enough. Usually, after full charged and disconnected from the charger, you can reset the timers on CPUSpy. Wait one ortwo hours, check the CPUSpy whether your phone can enter deep sleep state. If not, check the wakelocks and partial wakelocks.

      For Google map, if you are using latitude, you can logout to see whether there are any difference.

      Anyway, for your case, you’d better check whether your phone can enter deep sleep state in CPUSpy, and note down the difference between screen on time and the awake time.

  47. saravanan rengesan says

    Do only one thing to stop battery drain after ICS update
    1.go to setting
    2.find accounts and sync
    3.and switch it off
    now you do not have battery drain

  48. says

    i already have ics 4.0.4 but the battery issue still happen, every time that i charge my galaxy note i turn on wi-fi for a few seconds, turn off, put on offline mode, shutdown, take out the battery for 1 minute, and finally put on again, turn on the galaxy note and take off the offline mode. And the battery stay good for all day, even if i have to use 3g or wi-fi… but doing this all day is so boring.

  49. Sonal says

    Thank you for your wonderful blog
    My Battery stats read as the following

    Alarm Manager 34.3%
    Sleep Broadcast 21.7%
    Media scanner service 18.0%

    Any idea how can I fix this?

    • Galaxy Note says

      You need wait a few hours then read the duration of Deep sleep/Awake/Screen on/ (under other in BBS), Then note dwoin the duration (not percentage, percentage can have different settings,e.g., of total number of wakelocks, or of total time since unplugged).

      Alam Manger is core part of Android. Most of the time, the issue is caused by apps and widgets. So, for testing purpose, you may try to:
      1. disable widgets that need regular update
      2. disable syncing (settings–accounts and sync). You only turn on the syncing you need.
      3. disable background app processes (some apps may not work properly) (settings– developer options–Background process limit, set to no background processes).

      Then compare the difference.

  50. Karthik says

    Hi All,

    Let me first thank everyone on this post for the great tips. Immense help.

    I upgraded my Note to 4.0.4 an hour back. Was noticing that the phone was always running at 200 Mhz in CPU Spy. Reboot of the phone and disabling the maps, social hub and DSMLawmo in my running apps solved everything. now my phone is going to deep sleep.
    It is too early to comment on battery back-up yet. Will monitor for today and post my observation.

  51. Tommy says

    Hello everyone, recently after updating to ICS 4.0.4 the exchange mailservice has started going off to lala-land using like 10% per hour or so depending on which cpuspeed it gets stuck on. I’m on stock samsung rom. One thing I’ve noticed is that if I put powersave on then the service seems to more often get stuck on 200mhz rather than 1200mhz, I’ve also tried changing the check interval between push and 30min but the same happens.

      • Tommy says

        Same thing, rebooted like 1000 times the last week after it started, one thing though, it doesn’t happen straigth away sometimes it starts a few minutes after the reboot+batteryoff and sometimes it can take 30min – 1hour, network coverage doesn’t seem to have any impact on it either.

        • Galaxy Note says

          Did you try to totally disable syncing? i.e, if you try to just check the mail account manually, is it very slow? or do you still have the battery issue?

          • Tommy says

            I’ve switched to manual now, so will report back in some hours.

            what do you refer to by slow ?

          • Tommy says

            Oh, noticed another thing, if I then sync my exchange while it beeing on manual, the service gets stuck again, so it seems it can’t disconnect and ofcause the powerdrain going nuts again.

          • Galaxy Note says

            Sometimes, this can also be related to the exchange server settings as well. Some users mentioned some problems on Galaxy Notes with exchange servers since GB. I don’t have any exchange accounts, so, I never test it.

            On the setting side, you may try to delete this account from your phone and set it up again.

            You may also restrict background data (settings–data usage), or disable background processes for apps (settings–developer options–background process limit, set to none, this may affect some apps, but not the system) to test whether there are any improvements.

          • Tommy says

            Another side note to the exchange part, with the sync schedule set to manual the phone still does automatic sync as if it was set to “push”, another thing, with regards to the exchange server side setting, we have other phones with ICS on namely the Galaxy Nexus which does not suffer this problem.

          • Galaxy Note says

            Thanks for the update. Yes, the vanilla Android generally has less issues.

            Did you try to disable background processes to see whether it helps or not?

          • Tommy says

            Ok so the way to go about this seems to be limiting background processes to none, the datarestriction is not an option as exchange will not work at all unless you turn off the restriction and then after using exchange mail you have to turn the restriction back on again, so that is just not really an option if you have to use email on a daily basis.

  52. Alpha Scorpii says

    I’m planning to purchase this phone and my only concern now is the battery issue. I want to ask you webmaster or anyone who upgraded to 4.0.4. What is the longest time you can run your phone after fixing the issues, and what’s your usage pattern? Thanks!

    • Galaxy Note says

      I charge it daily. I use it read news/rss feeds (Google reader, Flipboard, currents, and Pulse) for about 2 hours each day. Check emails manually 3-4 times (I did not auto syncing), and spend 10-30mins on replying emails on the note. Read some e-books for 1 or 2 hours. Talking time on this Note is less than 10 mins each day on this phone.

      Before I go to sleep, there are about 5%-20% left (from 100% in the morning). I use automatic brightness.

      So, I guess , for continuous use, it should last about 4 hours or more.

      So far,no battery issues after the ICS 4.0.4 update.

      I guess in some countries, the price of Galaxy Note will decrease noticeably in the coming weeks once the Galaxy Note 2 is announced at the end of this month.

      • Alpha Scorpii says

        4 hours of use … sounds good I guess

        I’m in Hong Kong and the price here is now around USD $679 which comes with gifts (extra samsung battery, battery charger, flip cover). May be I’ll get one after playing with the demo phone in shop.

        • Galaxy Note says

          It is acceptable. If you need longer battery life, I think Motorola Razor Maxx can last more than 8 hours. It should be cheaper (depending on locations). But the screen is only 4.3″ (too small compared with Note), and the battery is not removable.

          That is still quite expensive. Maybe because of local tax or marketing cost. As the Galaxy Note 2 will be announced (not for order) by the end of this month, usually the carrier drops the price first (if carrier subsidizes phones; they usually get better price than retailers). I’m not sure whether carriers subsidize phones in Hong Kong.

  53. Cristi says

    I am a new android user, and i was verry dissapointed because of this battery drain, and not going to deep sleep. Well, it had its advantages… i learned to root and rom my galaxy note just to solve this problem. now i am verry happy with RocketRom V10. The problem reapeared when i installed all my apps so had to be one of them. my galaxy note didnt go to deep sleep when i was disconected from wifi and using data. if i restricted all data, it did get to deep sleep. so it had to be one of the apps i installed. tested every one of them, one by one i restricted the background data and voila! when viber has access to background data the phone does not go to deep sleep. its not it who is using the battery, its “android os” but it has to use some service of android os to keep the phone awake.
    i hope we get to the bottom of this frustrating problem.

  54. Alpha Scorpii says

    Here’s the update, I’ve purchased Galaxy Note today, and installed CPU spy.

    The battery starts at 50% at 5pm and I’ve been testing it a lot and trying all stuff like anyone with a new toy. Now it’s 11pm and battery left is 8%. I think 6 hours of intensive use consuming half of the battery is pretty normal! And CPU spy shows the device sleeps properly while not in use. (Around 90% of time sleeping). (i left Wifi On and Sync on, and in 3G network with no Data Plan)

    By the way, my usual habit is to set the wallpaper completely black… that might further help to save battery..

    I have two batteries on hand now with an external charger…. The battery in external charger seems don’t become hot when charging. I’m not sure if it’s charging or not but a red light is showing…

    I think that’s all for today and I’ll do more testing with it tomorrow especially on battery life part, which most of us are concern.

    By the way, the OS comes in 4.0.4

    • Alpha Scorpii says

      update: charger light change to green after 2-3 hours, batter never got hot! So it’s done charging.

      Checked with voltmeter the NO load voltage is now at 4.16V.. i’ll switch to this battery once the other is around 5% left.

    • Galaxy Note says

      thanks for sharing your Galaxy Note story.

      If you do not have data plan, it is better to turn off “use packet data” (settings–More–mobile networks); otherwise, your note may attempt to use mobile data (although it will fail) when your WiFi connection is not available and this can waste some battery.

      A full charge for the 2500mAH battery (coming with your Note) should take about 3 hours. Some third-party chargers may have higher current (e.g., 1A to 1.5A), and the time need is shorter. But you should not use such chargers so often, as it may be not good for the battery.

      Normally, you don’t need bring 2 batteries unless for a long trip, as you can charge it through your computer (USB), although the current in most PCs or notebooks is too low (lower than 0.5A).

      To save battery, you can also set WiFi sleep policy. (Set it as “Only when plugged in”, settings–Wi-Fi—Advanced). And for sync, you can choose what you really want to sync for each account.

      Enjoy your new toy.

  55. Bruno says

    My Note gets very hot during navigation with google Maps. After a 20 min trip, the temperature of the battery rises to 45-55 degree C. The battery level drops very quickly. Is this normal? I am using ICS 4.04. Before 4.04, the situation was even worser. The battery would go down even when the Note was connected to the car charger. I wonder if I should send my Note for repair? Thanks.

    BTW, I just had a “fuel_alerted” lock with ICS 4.04.

    • Galaxy Note says

      If the fuel_alerted does not cause battery drain (i.e., not entering deep sleep mode when phone is not used, and not connected to chargers), you can ignore it.

      Yes, navigation usually drain battery quite fast, as mobile data, GPS, screen and the apps must run at the same time. So, it can be quite hot. But the battery drain should not be faster than charging. You can save some battery by 1). enable use sensor aiding (settings–Location services); 2). brightness set as automatic.3) enable power saving

  56. Alan Teitel says

    I am stumped! I have a note and love it for most of what it does BUT in the car with the charger plugged into the car cradle from AT&T and driving with navigation on the battery drains to dead in about 3 hours. It shows connected but I get battery low warning then the end. I have replaced the phone 3 times thru warranty replacement and went to the latest software upgrade flashed in the repair center and still the same drain. Each time from a full charge. Any thoughts??

    • Galaxy Note says

      If you don’t use Navigation, is the phone get charged? Probably, the charger does not have sufficient current. You may try the “official” (usually means over-priced) car charger for Note.

      Although Navigation is the biggest battery drainer, a fully charged battery should last about 3-4 hours without connecting to the charger. As you changed the Note for 3 times already, you may try to change the charger this time to see whether there are any differences.

      Also, to save battery, you may also 1). enable Use sensor aiding; 2). set the brightness of the screen as automatic.

  57. TE says

    Galaxy note does not have an automatic “turn off” switch when fully charged. It converts the electricity to heat and continues heating until unplugged. I used more than 10 different devices and this is my first experience. All devices turn off when fully charged.
    I plug in Galaxy note at night and sleep, in the morning it is fully charged (100%), very hot and almost all applications started running automatically.
    If I leave it as it is, battery is drained completely in 1 – 2 hours.
    I hope this problem will be solved in Galaxy Note II or I will not purchase it in spite of my will to buy.

    • Galaxy Note says

      All batteries in phones have a protective circuit to prevent overcharging.

      For Galaxy Note, if it is connected to a wall charger, it will not enter deep sleep state even after the battery is fully charged (the CPU will stay at 200MHz). This is the reason you feel it is quite hot if the ambient temperature is not low. Some smartphone has an option to force the phone enter deep sleep mode once battery is fully charged, but none of the Galaxy phones have such an option.

      Battery drain usually has nothing to do with the charging. You can install autorun manager to disable some apps that try to start automatically. If the screen is off, it is almost impossible to drain the battery within in 1-2 hours in galaxy note. If you encounter this issue, you probably have to visit Samsung service center for a check or repair.

  58. Subhrajyoti says

    My Note these days is giving a strange problem. The display goes off and it detects no key, neither there is any response by pressing the power button continuous press. If the phone is left for half an hour in the same state, it recovers after that and display and keys work fine. Is there a major issue? Do you recommend me visiting the samsung service centre for this?

    • Galaxy Note says

      did you try to disable background app processes? (settings–developer options–background process limit, set to no background processes).

      You need make sure you can show the problem to the guys in the service center when you visit there.

      yes, if you encounter this quite often, it’s better to visit service center to get it repaired.

      • Subhrajyoti says

        Sorry, I am still with GB and didn’t upgrade to ICS. The developer options is not available in settings. Though I found Development inside Applications inside settings. But it doesn’t allow you to set backgroud process limit. Can you guide me so as how to do the setting in GB?

        • Galaxy Note says

          In GB, you cannot do this. You may try task manager, which does some basic clean job.

          Anyway, it is better to ask Samsung guys to repair it.

  59. Cheers revilla says

    Hello, I have serious problem with my galaxy note. Everytime I connect to the Internet via the data network, my phone will suddenly shut down even though battery is at 100%. This normally happens when I open apps that would require Internet such as fb, after few minutes of launching it, phone will die. And when I try to reboot it, it will turn on but battery will approach almost 0% and will die again. after few minutes. But if I charge my phone and turn it on, battery will show almost 100%. If I turn off data network, phone will stay on for more than 8hrs. This issue always happens if I turn on data network, so I can’t browse if my galaxy note isn’t plug to charge. Same thing will happen even if the signal strength is good.

    • Cheers revilla says

      Btw, this has started after I updated it to its 4.0.3 and now I’m afraid to update my phone again.

      • Galaxy Note says

        ICS 4.0.3 update is expected to be buggy because it is a major update. The two ICS 4.0.4 update made Note work as expected.

        You may check whether the update is available for your region. You may also try to do factory reset (settings–back up and reset) to find out whether the problem is solved. Pleas back up your data before resetting.

    • Galaxy Note says

      If you often encounter this issue with mobile data, it’s better to visit local Samsung service center and ask for a replacement or repair. It sounds like a serious hardware problem.

  60. Hitesh says

    I have got a major problem with my Galaxy Note (Unrooted device), its not working properly, driving mode is getting activated automatically and it is opening Voice talk option again and again, they charger is getting disconnected and also USB getting disconnected.

    Can anyone help me with this…

    • Galaxy Note says

      for driving mode, you can disable it in settings–language and input–Text-to-speech output. Occasionally, the accessibility may trigger it to start, so you may also check the accessibility settings.

      for voice talk, if you don’t use it, you can disable it. (settings–Applications–all–Voice talk, then choose disable).

      for the charger, you need make sure the connector is not so dirty. Anyway, if you cannot charge, you probably have to ask for a replacement. It could caused by: 1). faulty charger; 2).faulty USB cable; 3). dirty connector; or 4). faulty battery.

  61. Nancy says

    Hi i installed the BetterBatteryStats app yesterday , but there seems to be some problem in the same.Whenever i will start this app it will always show –
    “No reference set yet ” (for all the dropdowns – partial wakelocks , kernel wakelocks , etc)

    Thus its not showing any processes that are running.

    Am i doing something wrong here ?

    Please advise

    • Galaxy Note says

      In the second drop-down, you should be able to choose “since unplugged” or “since charged” or “since custom ref”.

      If you cannot set anything in the second deop-down, you can tap menu button (left), choose More–Set Custom Ref.

  62. Nancy says

    Can you please help in guiding – how to put widget for BetterBatteryStats app ? I checked everything but its not showing on the screen.

    Also do the widgets consume’s more battery then the app ?


  63. mike2319 says

    Hey ya guys ! first sory for my lang.i just want to post this coment bcz this website helped me to find few tricks :D:D.i bought the SGN from orange uk,used for few days than i updated.OH MY GOD, that ram is full.i rooted and i deleted more than 39 rubbish applications.the battery was just going down so fast when using the phone.than i instaled cyanogen 9, not verry happy with it.battery life on cyanogen….is okay but i didnt like that rom.than i found another rom, the normal one for ics404, and is AMAZING !the normal update contain lots of bad application, they just drain the i used the phone for a full day, and than second day till 5pm.alll day connected on wifi, downloads, reading on internet.NO GAMES !AND NO VIDEOS, NO CAMERA during this i have criskelo rom, and i will test it to see the differences.this rom is amazing for the note phone.the only problem i face is this when i try to exit some applications like IM+ for eg, is taking so long.any help for this please:D:D.than i have some aplications(for eg pic speed , opera or uc browser etc etc) they just run and they do not close when i chose to exit.before in ginger bread if i exit they will stay close.
    Here is that rom i used and tested and its amazing on battery life.really amazing ( ).p.s all features in kies wont work with this rom.i dont use kies.
    and here is criskelo which i found it amazing !
    sorry again for my lang . btw im not an expert in phones.
    one more thing about battery life is this : long time ago somebody told me if you want ur battery to last , just make sure u deplete all before charging.and thats true.i use my note until the screen is off.
    Blessings to everybody!

    • Galaxy Note says

      Thank you for sharing your experience and tips on battery life.

      Actually, after delete/disable bloatware, you can stop, it should work almost perfectly after ICS 4.0.4 update. Most of the performance issues is related to the bloatware from Samsung and the carrier/vendor.

        • Galaxy Note says

          the apps that are not essential, and you don’t want to use it at all (e.g., Yahoo Finance, Ap mobile). Some can be disabled, some cannot. It depends on your region and the carrier.

          You can see a list of installed apps from Settings–Applications–All

          • mike2319 says

            oki doki.i got it now.Thank you very much.criskelo rom is amazing for this better than last ics update.with ics the aplications will just stay in background all the time but with criskelo rom in 1 hour they will get kill.i dont know why or how lol.Thank u again.blessings

  64. Temin says

    Hi guys i have a new problem.

    My note is switching between charging and discharging mode even when not connected to a charger.

    To be precise even when I switch OFF my note with no charger connected, it is showing as charging and then goes to normal and charging icon comes again. I’m even unable to Switch ON the phone again. But when I connect my charger, it remains in the charging mode and I’m able to Switch ON the phone.

    This problem was fixed when I removed the Battery and re-inserted it after 5 mins. Re-inserting the battery immediately didn’t solve the issue.

    Again While following the former case that fixed the issue. The headache started when I connect the charger again. Charging happened as usual as it should be but when I removed the charger again it started to switch between the two modes.

    I’m running on 4.0.4 ICS. I know this is a battery issue because I used my friends battery and didn’t get any problem. Also I factory resetted the phone. The odd thing is my battery life was good otherwise , it lasted two days in moderate use.But if it gets into this Switching issue it drains in 7-8 hours.
    Can this be fixed?
    I want to know the warranty period for the Note battery. Is it 6 months or 1 year?

    • Galaxy Note says

      The warranty period depends on the regulations in local region. In most regions, it is one year.

      For the charging/discharging issue, it sounds like a hardware related issue. You may have your phone and battery checked in local Samsung service center.

      • Temin says

        In Service Center they are saying like I have damaged the charging pin and that is why it is auto charging. But this is ridiculous, if that is the case then the same problem should have happened with another battery also.

        They don’t even care what I say, the worst part is they are saying that it is physical damage and doesn’t come under warranty.

        I’m not convinced that it is due to Pin damage. what if the same problem comes up after my warranty period is over. Can anyone tell me if it is a hardware issue or not.?
        If so which part I need to tell them to check out.

        • Galaxy Note says

          You may talk with them nicely (and calmly), ask them how can you damage the charging pin. Ask them whether they can confirm the damage is caused by you, and the evidences.

          Please always calm, and speak slowly. Don’t argue, or quarrel with them. These guys are also under pressure , and may be not happy with their jobs….

          If they refuse to give your explanation, you may have to complain to local consumer protection organizations.

  65. Denny says

    i have some problem with my galaxy note after update to 4.04, it’s always so hot during using camera or other APP, why very hot while charge the battery?why not see the popup play?

    • Galaxy Note says

      pop-up play is only for the in-stock video player. In some regions, this feature is NOT available, for unknown reasons.

      Hot or warm (depending on ambient temperature) is normal when you are actively using your Galaxy Note. As long as it can cool down when not in use, it should be ok.

      You Note should feel warm when it is charged. But after it is fully charged, it should cool down if it is not being used.

  66. Georgie says

    Since updating ICS on my Note my appointment is at an all time low.

    I do quite a lot of cycling around Australia and use the MapMyFitness app for a variety of reasons.

    I used to be able to get 8 hrs of live time while using the app & Bluetooth stereo simultaneously. Now I can only get 4 hrs at best.

    This has me to the point of flying to the head office of Samsung & throwing my beloved Galaxy Note through their front window.

    To release an update without warning anyone of these issues is very poor customer relations indeed bordering on contempt, they’ve really got a few people pissed off, including me.

    Any ideas on how to fix this that doesn’t involve a hammer would be greatly appreciated.

    • Galaxy Note says

      Did you update to ICS 4.0.4 (which solved the battery issues most users encountered in ICS 4.0.3 update)?

      In Australia, both GT-N7000/OPS (for Optus) and GT-N7000/XSA (Un-branded) have ICS 4.0.4 update already. You may check and apply the update.

      • Einas says

        Heli!.., I have the same issue, I updated to 4.0.4 but still no luck, at this very moment, the battery shows 61% , less than 3 hours ago it was fully charged, not much sync and network is working just for a little time I used whatsapp!

        • Galaxy Note says

          Occasionally, the indicator may be not accurate. You can try to used your phone until it is shutdown by itself (when the battery is so low). Then charge it again to see whether there are any improvements.

  67. says

    hii … i cannot download some apps on my galaxy note it says that this app is not available for my vodafone samsyng gt-n7000 and some times not available for my country im from egypt what shall i do ? 😀

    • Galaxy Note says

      Yes, this is normal. Some apps may be not compatible with Galaxy Note, or there are some known problems with Galaxy Note.

      Some apps are geo-restricted, e.g., hulu, kindle. It simple, the service is not available in your region.

  68. Dan says

    Dear All,

    I would like to share my experience:
    I have updated my Note to ICS 4.0.3 (Italy) and I’m noticing battery issues (phone down in 5 hours doing almost nothing …).
    Actually I have noticed 2 problems:
    – it never goes in deep sleep;
    – checking the battery status from phone control panel I see that the battery is killed from the Samsung keyboard process!! I have to kill it manually to stop this insane battery consumption.

    Every time I reboot the phone, the Samsung keyboard process starts again draining the battery. So I have to kill it every time.

    Once this nasty process is shutted down, the phone works for up to 20 hours of normal usage: some phone calls, some internet browsing, some emails.

    I’m trying right now your suggestion (battery removal).


    • Dan says

      The suggestion worked also for me! now the phone is able to go in deep sleep!
      In 8 hours (with Wifi, email and facebook app) it drained only 14%.


      • Galaxy Note says

        Glad to know it works for you. Once you get the ICS 4.0.4 update, most of the battery issues will be solved, and you will get slightly longer battery life.

  69. vym says


    Galaxy Tab 7.7 here with android 4.0.4.
    Problem is minus 15% of battery per night or 8 hours. Everything is turned off. EVERYTHING! Wifi, bluetooth, sync, no background apps, no live wallpaper, airplane mode, mobile data disabled, no widgets etc. And this is absolutely unacceptable for me and VERY annoying. My sgs2 eating about 3-4% per night. Well, i can live with that. My wife’s iPad 1-3% per night. Thats what i want too :)

  70. Kushaldeep says

    Even i am using CPU Spy,love it ……
    Before sharing some useful apps with you i would request you tell the name of the free app you were talking about,apart from betterbatterystats.
    1:Though there is one free app called GSam battery monitor which also tells about the wakelock,keep awake & cpu usage time etc.And about phone radio,if at low signals more time is spent then battery will drain but that reading is not correct on my phone as it shows 100% at high signal and nothing on other signals.But phone radio thing climbes to over 80% at times.Check and share with us,i use android phone not rooted.
    2:Second is system tuner with lots of useful info,cpu load,frequencies,time and lots more.It has a feature to do ‘Recording’ as well and analyse it.
    3:Then there is one app which is really useful,its called diagnosis.It shows cpu frequency,memory and the running apps not just on the app’s screen but in fact on evry screen.Thats good if you want to see what a current app is using.You just have to hit ‘start tracking’.
    It depends when we need these apps but i dont know some technical language and readings so i doubt,maybe out of ignorance.
    Any way thanks for the share,see you later

      • kushaldeep says

        That’s a problem! i get to see different readings in different apps and i don’t trust any one app’s reading so i check with more than one and get an idea esp when i have some serious issues to settle.Just for example about memory readings for any particular app:Avast shows 5mb, Arron & system tuner 7mb, My device 12mb and Astro 30mb…..astro readings are many times higher for every app and avast the lowest.After this i dont trust the readings easily.Some just copy your device’s reading but not these apps.
        Just learning….

        • Galaxy Note says

          I don’t know there is a free alternative for BBS. But if you want, you can use it for free as explained in the post. The developer released the apk file in xda-developers for people to test and for people who cannot access paid apps (still some regions cannot access paid apps in Google play store).

          Yes, I got your point. A lot of apps (including paid ones) really cannot do the job properly. So, my point is to stick with the one that solves your problem.

  71. Dale says

    hey thanks so much for this post, i have been having huge battery drain problems. when i checked better battery stats it says that. USB and Suspended_backoff seem to be the culrpits. any suggestions on how to fix these problems? thanks

    • Galaxy Note says

      I learnt some reports on the similar issue caused by Chrome browser. If you are using Chrome browser, you try to uninstall it and reboot the Note.

      • dale says

        i heard the same thing, but i never installed chrome. i have already uninstalled all my apps and factory reset my phone and i only re installed better batter stats. my phone still wont enter deep sleep

        • Galaxy Note says

          did you try to remove the battery, wait a min, then put it back?

          Please note, if your phone is connected to the charger, your note will not enter deep sleep state.

          • Dale says

            tried that too, nothing changed. i have tried to research what cause “USB” and “suspend_backoff” bugs but the only answer i can find is related to google chrome.

          • Galaxy Note says

            Yes, this is seldom reported as this feature is quite matured.

            Did you do a long test (for example, overnight)?

            If the problem persists, it could be some hardware issues as well. You may have to visit Samsung service center for a fix.

          • Dale says

            i tried to do a long test. but my phone died half way through the night. the next morning i couldn’t turn it on i had to do i full charge. ya i figured i would have to go to a service center but i have been trying to postpone it as long as possible cause im hoping i can fix it my self.

          • Galaxy Note says

            If the battery level is too low, the Note cannot turned the Note on. So, you need wait a few mins after charging.

  72. Chaitanya Mella says


    In kernel wakelock i see “PowerManagerService” running for 6hr 37 mins and 20 S and in Partial wakelock i see *backup* running for 6hr 34 mins. Is it an issue that needs to be fixed..

    • Galaxy Note says

      you may try to disable sync (settings–accounts and sync) to see whether there are any improvement.

      you also also try to disable background apps (settings–developer options–background process limit, set it to No background processes.)

      • Chaitanya Mella says

        I tried both the steps last night.. It did not work. I still see both the issues remaining. “PowerManagerService” running for 6 hours and *backup* running for 6 hrs..

          • Chaitanya Mella says

            Hi.. I did the reboot and for safe measure took the battery out and placed it back after a minute. The battery drain is now 0.7 % per hour when i checked after 3 hours… Thanks…

            In BBS under “Since Boot” i see a “No Data Connection” running for 2hrs 56 mins.. Is that normal when wi-fi and data connection are switched off on the note..

          • Chaitanya Mella says

            It works absolutely fine now.. Tested it past few days… Even normal usage my battery doesn’t drain more than 30% over a period of 10 hours… Thanks

          • Galaxy Note says

            Glad to know it works well now. It sounds normal. As long as the phone can enter deep sleep mode when not in use, it should be fine.

  73. Fred says

    Why is this article called “How to Solve Battery Issue” when it confirms that there is no solution?

    There are messages all over forums on this with temporary and bogus solutions and unhelpful comments from a lucky few who don’t have the spontaneous battery crashes.

    The real question is – when will it be fixed by the company who sold the phone? It should have been addressed months ago.

    • Galaxy Note says

      Battery issue can also be caused by some apps. This post is trying to show some simple ways to check the possible causes of the battery drain issues.

      The battery drain issue related to ICS 4.0.3 update was fixed in ICS 4.0.4 update already.

      This is a user-help-user community. If you have any solutions to share, you can also post them.

  74. CHEHAB says


    • Galaxy Note says

      You may try toi update your phone first.

      Check output of CPUSpy to find out whether your Note can enter deep-sleep state or not. Then check BBS output to find out which apps are causing problems.

  75. dn says

    I have a brand new Samsung S3 and it has the same issue. The culprit is Media server. The bug appears to be whenever a headphone jack is connected. Media server would start running and won’t close even after headphone jack has been disconnected. Since I don’t have super user privilege, the only way to kill media server for me was to reboot the phone. So if you use headphone jack, be aware!

  76. wck says

    HI.I’m having a major problem with the galaxy note.
    The system is ICS 4.0. It seems that whenever I open the Google map or
    other map navigation software and other games that require a huge
    processor to play with, the screen kind of flickers with multiple lines
    appearing on the screen and then the whole screen went blackout. When I
    turn on the phone, the battery drainage was outrageous. It went from 70%
    down to 40%. Then the problem goes on again. Without doing anything
    beside swiping the screen left and right on the home screen, the
    screen-flickering problem came again and the screen black out . When I
    turn on the phone again, the battery drainage drops even further down.
    However when I’m using while charging, there seems to be no problem.
    Kindly provide assistance. I don’t know what to do….This problem
    started a month ago. But that time was just one time. Today it keeps
    on appearing frequently. I tried factory restore setting thinking that it might have something to do with other application that I installed but the problem still continues. After seeing your post, i tried the cpuspy and realize that the phone is having a hard time to go into deep sleep. Sorry for not using the betterbatterystat app yet because i would need some opinion. i was thinking whether or not should i send it to the samsung center ? The phone’s not even a year and it has already faced such serious problem. *heartbreak

    • Galaxy Note says

      As I know, the system caused battery drain issue was fixed in ICS 4.0.4 update. Very likely, the battery issue is due to some apps. Maybe BetterBatteryStats can give some hints.

      Usually, it is a good idea to reboot or remove battery after some big issues.

      • wck says

        I checked with the cpuspy and BBS. apparently after 6 to 7 hours it did went into deep sleep and BBS shows that my phone apps did not cause the battery drainage issue.

        Still, the battery suddenly drops from 50% to 1% after the phone was turned on when it automatically shuts down itself. Once I remove the battery and put it back in , it miraculously jumps back to 8% , 46% and so forth whenever I turned on since it keeps on shutting down by itself. No problem encountered when using it while charging and I think the battery swell up pretty badly too. It lasted for 11 months.It shuts down when the screen flashes lot of multiple lines. When i turn on the charger, it stops.

        By the way,huge difference seen when using google maps ,other map navigation software sch as papago and sygic and games that comes with huge graphic to play with. Slight notable change in battery droppage when surfing browser , sms and other minor stuff…..Tested by restore factory setting and apparently it has nothing to do with the OS itself and application that I installed.

        So, is it battery faulty ? o.0

        • Galaxy Note says

          Yes, it sounds like battery issue. Or maybe the connector (the metal part between between and phone) need clean.

          You may try to re-calibrate the battery by using the phone until it shutdowns automatically due to low battery. Then you charge it till 100% full (do not use it when charging). Then use it till the battery level is less than 5% before charging again. Usually after a few cycles, the battery level indicator will get more accurate.

          • wck says

            thx for all the info. apparently i bought another battery today and the problem is fixed. It seems my faulty battery was the one main problem all along

          • Ian says

            i have done to battery remove with great results, but one minor thing i will like to know is, how can i adjust my deep sleep mode to receive notifications while screen is off, is there a setting to adjust this, thanks

          • Galaxy Note says

            You should still receive all notifications when the phone is in deep sleep state (it simply wakes up a few seconds).

            If you want to set sound for notifications, you can do so through settings–sound–default notification

    • Galaxy Note says

      did you use the original charger? Sometimes, the connection of the USB port, or the connection between battery and the note itself, may be not good. For the first one, make sure the connector is tight. For the second one, you can try to remove the battery and clean the metal connection part in the note.

      • says

        Yea, I’ve been using the original charger. I plugged it in at 47% and 10 minutes later it’s down to 46% and then it just kept going down. I’ve even turned the phone off and plugged it in for an hour or so, when I turned it back on, the percentage was lower than when I turned it off.

        • Galaxy Note says

          1). did you see the charging symbol? If not, check the connectors, or the charger. Anyway, the original charger has about 1000mA current, and Galaxy Note has no way to use so much current.
          2). Occasionally, it can also be caused by inaccurate battery level indicator. You may try to use up the battery, then fully charge it. This will gradually re-calibrate the battery curve.

    • BKM says

      I don’t know if this was ever resolved, so figured I would chime in since I have been looking at the vbus wakelock for a while.

      If you use a charger which is compatible with Apple products, it will cause the vbus_present wakelock since Apple does not adhere to USB standards and requires two of the pins to be bridged or open (can’t remember which) to work for their products. However, when you charge a device that does adhere to USB standards with one of these chargers, it will cause the wakelock (on all the samsung phones I have seen, anyway).

      Another downside to using an apple compatible charger is that you can never get more than 500ma out of it due to the non-standard USB connection, even if the charger is capable of 2000ma output. So you get slower charging.

      When you are connected to any charger, this wakelock will be present. If you use an Apple compatible charger, it will persist after you unplug it and will drain your battery around 10% per hour since it prevents it from going into deep sleep. You can clear the wakelock by rebooting the phone or plugging it into a standard USB charger, such as a PC or Samsung charger, even for a few seconds.

      You can use Better Battery Stats to see the effects of this wakelock. Note that it can take a few minutes to show up once you have unplugged from the apple charger.

      Yes, this really p*sses me off. This is one of the reasons I no longer have any Apple products in my house and long since thrown away all the Apple compatible wall chargers I once had. It still comes back to bite me since I still have a couple of chargers that contain batteries to charge when you are away from a wall outlet and they both cause this. When I use them I just have to make sure I reboot afterward. The USB outlet I have installed behind the stereo in my car also causes this wakelock. I have one to replace it but have not gotten around to removing the stereo to do this yet.

      The next best solution to never using an apple compatible charger at this point would be to have a kernel that addresses this and removes the wakelock after it is unplugged but I don’t see this happening.

  77. Dissatisfied User says

    As I’m a light user, I used to get 5-6 days of use out of my Note while it was on 2.3.6. In fact, I managed to get 8 days and some change one time. I then upgraded to 4.0.3 when it became available. Immediately following the upgrade I got under 2 days with just a little more usage than usual as a result of fidgeting with the new settings. Following that, it was case of less than 24 hours with the same kind of usage that used to get me 5-6 days on 2.3.6. As soon as 4.0.4 was released—though it’s still not available for my region—I changed my CSC and upgraded, hoping for the battery life to be improved. It made no difference.

    By removing the battery for a few minutes following—but never before—a full charge, I can go for around 4 days, but this is completely unacceptable as my handset is in a Case-Mate Tough Case which is very difficult to remove and even more difficult to refit.

    I have never really liked Samsung phones; this is my first Samsung, and I am extremely disappointed. The Note 2 sounds and looks great, but then again, so did the original Note online, in magazines and on billboards. I will probably never buy Samsung again.

    Rant over. Thanks for listening guys.

  78. Gonzalas says

    Very glad that i found this website, it help me alot. Thanks and much appreciated your effort of guiding us thru n thru. I got my Galaxy Note few days ago, and the battery issue occured to my phone aswell.. After following the instructions that you have provided, indeed it make its magic touch. My warm thanks from Malaysia!!

  79. says

    “But after ICS 4.0.4 update, most of the battery issues are related to third-party apps.”

    I do not agree. I have 2 galaxy Note. I upgraded only one (fortunately) to 4.04. Instead of 2 days, it stays on less than 12 hours. Without any action, without sim card and after a factory reset. So no third-party apps at all.

    • Galaxy Note says

      thank you for sharing your experiences.

      the issue may be related to firmware for your region. In most regions, the battery issues introduced in ICS 4.0.3 update were addressed properly in ICS 4.0.4 update (in some regions, it is after the second ICS 4.0.4 update).

      actually, even for GB, some users already complained about some battery issues. But major battery issue was linked to iCS 4.0.3 update.

      yes, if your note cannot stay more than 2 days without network, something is wrong. You may try to reboot your Note one more time after the reset, and re-calibrate the battery (simple way to re-calibrate is to charge it to full after the battery level is close to 1%). Occasionally, factory reset may mess up the battery level indicator, and you may try to re-calibrate a few times.

      • says

        Sorry, I wasn’t precise because of my english, but there is no connection problem, I just did a test without sim card to see if it could change anything, which it doesn’t.

        With 4.0.4 & factory reset, battery goes down at 8% per hour rate, with 50% “phone sleep” (only 7% with 2.3.6). I deeply regret not being able to go backward and would enjoy Samsung to put this firmware back on line, as, in my point of view, ICS has no major new features for middle user.

        • Galaxy Note says

          thanks for the elaboration. 8% per hour is too much, and you should be able to find the culprit easily using BBS.

          • says

            Thanks for the reply. I tried BBS (at least someone is happy, hope he is not working for Google) and results after 9h :
            battery left is 14% with
            deep sleep 100%
            no data connection 100%
            no or unknown signal 100%
            all others are below 3% as I didn’t use the phone.

            Just beside, I have another Galaxy Note who stays on more than 2 days. The only difference is OS. 2.3.6 and 4.0.4 Furthermore, 4.0.4 is factory resetted.

            How can I imagine that it could not only be a big os failure ???

          • Galaxy Note says

            Did you try the flight mode?

            Occasionally, no signal (or without sim card) may consume more power.

  80. Varte says

    I just bought the GN recently in India,it comes preinstalled with ics 4.0.4.the phone gets pretty warm under normal use and i could literally see the battery discharging.i get around 6 hrs on normal use and features like accounts sync turned off,wifi on only while i use it.what could be the problem here?

      • Varte says

        thanks!the biggest culprit was the audioOut_1 partial wakelock.turned off all vibrates and touchpads sounds and its gone.I want to ask you about something totally unrelated.i have deleted the datas from my software update app from the app when i check for an update it says”Access to the software update service is provided to users in the order in which they request it.Try later”.do I have a problem here?because before it would just tell me that updates are not available.i know there are no updates for now,I just want to fix it if I have a problem.

  81. Marco says

    Hi all. Great and helpfull article above, but nevertheless it doesn’t solve it for me. I have my Galaxy Note for 1 year now, November 2011, I was an early fan 😉

    My battery drains worse than I thought. When I read the above I’m getting worried. My Note sometimes drains its battery completely (COMPLETELY) within 3 to 4 hours… My CPU is really active (phone gets hot) while it doesn’t seem to do a lot according to severall monitoring apps. The biggest consumers are the display and the virtual keyboard. I tried all of the above and more, but nothing seems to solve it. I need to recharge my phone sometimes 3 times a day…

    Any suggestions besides the ones mentioned above?

    • Galaxy Note says

      If the display is on, the battery will drain in 3-5 hours.

      For the keyboard, did you try other keyboards?

      You can reboot your phone, then check battery drain for one night with CPUSpy to find out whether your Note can enter deep sleep state. If the percentage of deep sleep is toio short, in the BBS apps, it should report the apps causing the problem.

      Also, if you updated your Note to ICS 4.0.4, most of system related battery issues should be solved.

      • James says

        I purchase a note that came with 4.0.3, i think this version is having problems with battery drain and the phone does not go into deep sleep mode. 2% battery drain in 20 minutes!!! only on standby. Luckily i have an OTA update available for 4.0.4, so far after the update, my battery lasts 2 days with normal use and i’m quite satisfied with it. Just dont mod your phone too much, now im using everything stock. The only change i did was to change my wallpaper LOL! :) Install CPUspy to check your processor’s activities when idle 😉

  82. says

    I found the solution! Now my 100% charged battery can last for almost 8 hours with Wifi, 3G mobile data and Sync turned ON. Forget about Android 4.0.4 and JUST INSTALL JELLY BEAN on your Galaxy Note.

  83. Tony says

    I’m a light user and was happy with 3 – 4 days battery life pre 4.0.4. About 10 days ago, I decided to have a go at sorting out the 24 – 48hrs I have been getting since the upgrade. CPU spy indicated there was a lot of activity through the night and BBS pinpointed sync to my gmail as the problem. Since I make very little use of this account, I turned off all sync activity. The battery life has improved a little but is still a long way short of what it was and the handset still has a tendancy to get warm from time to time for no apparent reason. Further investigation using BBS has been hampered by two new problems I now have. (1) This has happened about 4 times, I have wakened the screen in the morning and found the following message: –

    The mobile network will be unavailable until you restart with a valid SIM card inserted.

    Everything is fine after a restart but BBS timers have reset so no way of telling what’s happening with the CPU. (2) A couple of times when using BBS, the handset seems to freeze with the rotating cursor saying ‘computing’ and after about 5 minutes I’ve had to turn off the handset to regain control. Again, due to the restart, the timers are reset.

    • Galaxy Note says

      BBS should not cause such problems.
      1). You may open the back cover and check whether the SIM card is tightly inserted or not. This sometimes can be caused by carrier, or the firmware. If you are sure the SIM card is inserted firmly, and the mobile signal is good (and stable), but you still get such errors, you may try to backup your data and try a factory reset.
      2). It is not necessary to restart. In case BBS hangs, you can press the home button and wait one or two mins to let the system close the app.

  84. saurav says

    my note is experiencing battery drain problem.
    everything was working fine till yesterday when i found out this new about 2 hours my battery level is dropping to almost 80%. so after going through yous posts, i installed CPU Spy and Better Battery Stats for monitoring my battery problem.

    In that i am finding “vbus_present” kernel wakelocks.
    can you help me what to do after this to solve my battery related issue.

    • Galaxy Note says

      vbus_present wake lock usually presents when you phone is connected to the charger. Seldom, it can cause problems.

      You may fully charge your Note, discoinnect the charger, then reboot your phone. Check the readings after a few hours.

  85. Kevin Young says

    I have issues with screen flickering. I updated my phone recently with the latest jellybean and it started from then on. Now I reupdated again when I thought this might be the cause of the firmware but it is still there. so I turned off the RIPPLE effect. and works fine. But still checking it whenever I am on low battery to be sure. I dont want to buy a new battery yet when I know it is not yet the best solution.

    • Galaxy Note says

      Probably you should visit local Samsung sevice center and ask them check your phone for possible hardware issues.

  86. Tony says

    I have bought second hand mobile 3weaks before it came with ics 4.0.4 i had experienced bad battery life, after 100 % fully charged drains within 2-3hours ,
    Ihave betterbatterystats it shows mostly used process are awake,screen on,moderate signal ,no data connection,no or unknown signal these process mostly drained my battery life.

    In cpu spy 200% s mostly used please help me out im frustrated

    • Galaxy Note says

      In BBS, you can view the list of kernel wakelocks and partial wakelocks.

      Usually, the problem is caused by some apps/widgets. BBS log will give some hints on such apps/processes.

      You may also try to reboot your phone to see whether the situation is better.

      • Tony says

        In bbs most of the time no data connection ,no or unknown signal used my most of the battery charge then screen on & awake

        Also My mobile s very hot on top of the screen i tried restarting my mobile but problem remains the same i dont know wat causes the problem please help me out

        • Galaxy Note says

          In BBS, you need read the output of Partial Wakelocks, and kernel wakelock. Please post such info so that others can help you.

          If the phone cannot enter deep sleep, the top part of the screen may get a bit warm (because the cpu is working….).

  87. umesh kushwaha says

    Dear sir,

    i have prob with my galaxy note when i plugh for charge
    my note but no charging sound will come and also no charging indicatoion show in battery i mean no action will come in charging
    I check my charger but it was ok. And then i switch off my note and then again plugh for charge in off my note autometic on and show charging now after15 minut i remove the plugh and agai n plugh in on but i got prob again it was not showing charging. And now a days some time also without plugh my battery signal showing charging. I can not understant what is happen please anyone suggest me in my mail id- Please do not post emails, because some spammers always harvest emails from public sites

  88. mark gates says

    I don’t know if I should just sell my Galaxy note 1 and buy the Galaxy Note 2 or just go back to the blackberry. I have over 30,000 contacts and the phone freezes whenever I try to lookup someone in my contacts. You might ask why I have so many contacts… Right ? Well the answer is I have a business which I have to run and most of the contacts are clients..

  89. Chaitanya Mella says

    I have been using my Galaxy note for over a year.. Past two weeks i get lot of flicker when the battery level goes down below 30% and all of a sudden the phone turns off… When i restart the battery level shows about 10%…. this happens every time my battery level reaches about 30%…. should i change the battery..

      • Chaitanya Mella says

        Brought a new battery… The problem is solved now…What is the best way to take care of the new battery so as to prolong its life

        • Galaxy Note says

          Battery has a life span. Usually after 500-600 cycles, the capacity will be reduced significantly (30-60%), and your handset may have problems to get the actual capacity, and therefore, may give you troubles.

          Normally, you should get low battery level (less than 15%) for at least twice each month; then fully charge it to full.

          Do not use computer/note to charge your note as the current is not sufficient. Use charger with 1000mA rating only.

          Once charging, please charge it to full.

  90. Henry Suksma says’s great what u r doing here
    Currently i have battery issue,
    i’ve already installed BBS and cpuspy as u mentioned earlier
    I’ve checked that my GN never been in deep sleep mode,
    and it takes more than 8 hrs to be fully charged and it’s draining so fast
    from cpuspy
    200mhz state is always more than 80 percent
    from BBS
    partial wakelock
    activity manager-launch : 26.3%
    kernel wakelock
    vbus_present : 37 %
    multipdp : 33.7 %
    secril_fd-interface 14.2%

    others less than 5 percent
    How to solve this issue?
    Appreciate ur respon

  91. Chaitanya Mella says

    Off late the battery on my samsung galaxy note (the first one) drains off in under 10 hours with just wifi running. before It used to last 18 to 20 hours even with 3G on. I’m not sure what’s the issue. Running on Android 4.1.2

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