3 fast ways to create screenshot in Galaxy Note (Note II, Note 3 and Note 8.0 as well) without using any apps


Update:  you can also use these 3 methods to take screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy note 3 and Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition. The methods works on all Galaxy Note family products.

yes, there are a lot of screenshot apps in the Android market (Play Store). But do you know you do not need any of them in your Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note II, Galaxy Note 10.1 and Galaxy Note 8.0 to take a screenshot? The following 3 methods are also applicable for Samsung Galaxy note 3, Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition.

With Galaxy Note, you have three different ways to take screenshot.


Using S Pen i to capture screenshot for Galaxy Note

Method 1: use S pen

Holding the S pen button, then tap and hold to the screen. This is unique to Galaxy note. Other two methods apply to Galaxy S II and a few other Galaxy models. But this method need S pen, so it is exclusive to Galaxy Note. The best thing about this method is that  after the screenshot is captured, you are prompt to edit this screenshot (as you are holding S Pen now). Quite smart design!

Method 2: use Home Key + Power Key

Tapping and holding Home key and the Power/Lock key simultaneously. In the practical operation, you can  press and hold the Home key first, then quickly press the Power key.  This method  is mentioned in the Galaxy SII’s manual, but not in Galaxy Note’s manual. But anyway, it works. Actually it works on most Samsung Android phones.

This method does not work on Galaxy Note 10.1 because there is no Home button on Note 10.1.


Use your Palm to capture screenshot on Galaxy Note

Method 3: Use your palm

Sweeping your palm across the screen to capture a screenshot. This is mentioned in the Galaxy Note User Manual and it sounds quite new. In the practical operation, you need sweep slowly. Sometimes, the phone may think you are trying to touch some location.

So, now try it on your Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note II, Galaxy Note 10.1 and Galaxy Note 8.0 to take some screenshots.

You can also try the same methods  to take screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Samsung Galaxy note 10.1 2014 edition.

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Galaxy Note 3 online manual (HTML edition) is available here.

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  1. spiderman says:

    u r gr8 dude… All 3 tricks for taking screenshots are good especially the first nd 3rd trick for note. U rocks

  2. Sanjay R Nath says:

    I had some financial crisis and couldnt get my note before! I jut ordered and waiting to get delivered ! Im starting to fall in love with your website .

  3. Great tips! The palm trick works great. The home and power trick still results in my screen turning off. I guess I have to get the timing just right.

  4. dvizzle says:

    i have a galaxy note with ics, incredible phone :) they have changed ‘method 2′ – no longer home button, now down volume button. but my struggle is trying to take a screenshot of a paused video from my gallery, no methods work? can you help???

    • I just tested it: it still works. But the timing is critical, if you press power button too slow, task manage will pop out. Once you press down the home button, immediately press the power button. Or Press down the power button, then immediately press down home button.

      Can you try again?

  5. JBMGJJA says:

    After the update to 4.0.3 on galaxy note the 2nd way (home + power key) does not work anymore for me.

    • It does work for mine. Timing is important: try to press them simultaneously(within 1 second; otherwise the power options or task manager will pop out)

    • i had the same problem (well it wasn’t a problem) the thing is, unlike before the update, you actual have to hold both the home and the power button for like 1 second or so, where prior, all you had to do was push them at the same time real quick. Hope this helps.

  6. yousseph says:

    Method 2: use Home Key + Power Key doesn’t work after upgrade to ICS.

  7. Method two DOES still work on note with ics!! 100%%%

    • i have tried this until im blue in the face. method 2 worked before i upgraded now it doesnt at all… i am a pro at the timing ive done it so much before. ive done it on my facinate and stratospheres for years on verizons network. i recently switched to att to get the note and that method worked until the upgrade. not sure why it works for you and not the rest of us. but actually the palm swipe is faster and easier so i really could care less about trying to push 2 buttons just right anymore! LOL but if anyone figures out whats up with method 2 and finds a fix id love to know just for curiosity sake. :-)

      • Maybe, this depends on the region of the firmware. For mine, it works without issues, just the timing is critical as it may call out the task manager easily. Most of the time, I just use the S Pen.

  8. ICS – problem is nonsense.
    I thought I had problem with screenshots.
    Melvin this to my link to my reply. you have no app needed for making screenshots with samsung note.
    read this but everything works just super. !

    Even after the
    Wipe data / factory reset.
    and factory reset

    see link screenshots works so super good. for me.!…sing-any-apps/

  9. Hello jbmgjja.

    Have you done this.
    Wipe data / factory reset.
    and factory reset done.? I did and everything works great.

    For me everything works super good.

  10. My not is runnin ICS 4.0.4(US) and I believe it was possibly disabled when it upgraded? I’m very disappointed btw. I believe we need to expadite this to Samsung, i find method 2 to be a massive help than 1 or 3

    • Not sure about this on the US version.

      For international version, it still works. But the timing becomes important: you need almost press the two buttons simultaneously.

  11. Adithya Bhat says:

    Is it true that note will be getting jelly bean? Can you please verify?

    • Yes, Galaxy Note will get the jelly Bean. As I know, the JB (4.1) update will be available in Q1 2013.

      Of course, Samsung has NOT confirmed this. Very likely, it will be announced only after Galaxy Note 2 is announced (end of this month).

  12. I love galaxy note, but when i use skype within 3 or 4 minute it is heated very much, what is a solution

    • Not a solution, but my personal experience is to uninstall it.

      I had problems with the Skype app on all my Android devices (it seems it does not like me). Now I use Google Voice, CSipSimple and Hang Out. This is sufficient.

  13. The 3rd is cool, i have tried that and it works.
    Thx for your sharing.

  14. isai azael villarreal patlan says:

    GREAT!! awesome article.

    I have been using my galaxy note from about 4 moths.. and i didn´t knew about the palm trick!! Is amazing!!

    yet.. it would be nice to have the same after disp.. as the s-pen snaphsot , mostly you need to sent or do something with the snap, as soon as it is taken.
    But the trick is great!!

    thank you so much, !! greetings!

  15. can anyone telll me how t download ashphalt 7 in galaxy note 2 free. pllllllzzzz reply fast and flasher player also

  16. First option worked like char on my Note! thanks!

  17. robert silvano says:

    all tips are my note 2 jb version just 2 weeks ago..thank you for the tips, downloading the manual now.. ;-)

  18. Since Jelly Bean the wipe thing does not work anymore
    Luckily we still have a pen

  19. Oc Jaman Ali says:

    Oh! I spent DAYS finding lame app’s on the app store. I had started to hate my note. I newly switched from blackberry’s to an android phone. U just made me love my phone !! Thanks alot. Really helpfull

  20. is this works in skype via note?

  21. thanks for the tips, I am new to the android, so here is where are screen captures are saved on the phone
    Files are saved in the Apps➔ My Files➔ All➔ Device storage ➔ Pictures ➔ Screenshots folder. You can also find them in your Gallery in the Screenshots album

  22. Wow – it works great …happy I visited dis site….. thanx a million

  23. Power button+ Home key+ volume down (if the Power button+ Home key don’t work)

  24. In my note 2 in 4.3 update home +power screenshots doesnt work need help plsssssssss

  25. note 10.1 2014 using the oval button instead of home works for the home and power screenshot

  26. thank you, this was so very helpful.

  27. Note 3 – all 3 works. I keep my gestures off so 3-rd method is not for me. But Power+Home and Stylus are my fav ways.

    The is one more way with stylus – Click the button and select ‘Screen Write’ and without writing anything click save. My fav feature because it takes a screenshot and allows you to outline or underline an area which you want people to see.

  28. jerrica says:

    Thanks this was very helpful. I have the galaxy note and was curious how to screenshot

  29. Thanks for sharing all the tips. I am using Galaxy Note 1. Can you guide me on how to take screenshot?

  30. swiping of the hand is not working and the NOTE doesn’t have a home button. Is there something else I can try? I really don’t want to have to get the S out every time.

  31. What r yall calling a home button on a note?

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