5 million Galaxy Note Users cannot be wrong!

galaxy-note-shipped-5million-unitsSamsung just announced they shipped 5,000,000 Galaxy Note. 5 months, 5 millions units shipped, it is impressive! Potentially (some are still in the vendors’s warehouse) 5 million users!

For a smartphone, whose 5.3″ size was questions by many reviewerssince its initial release 5 months ago, it is a big success.  5 million buyers proved there is a genuine market for such Phablets. I like the size as written in the Size Always Matters post.

Hope Samsung can maintain the momentum and push out Ice Cream Sandwich update to Galaxy Note earlier.

What’s your opinion?…

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Is Galaxy Note really too large? size always matters!


Recently, I read so many reviews complaining on the size of Galaxy Note. The resentments include:  it is too large; the reviewer cannot operate it with one hand; it looks stupid when you hold it near your ear.

Before I talk anything about these reviews, maybe we can watch the a video of Steve Ballmer commenting  iPhone in 2007. In the interview, he actually was laughing at iPhone “Microsoft is selling Millions of millions of millions a year..Apple zero ” Entertaining? Here is the video:

Maybe we can watch another video of this same Steve Ballmer commenting iPad in 2010. Again, he was totally unimpressed by iPad at all. “Laptops actually are well designed for a lot of things.  I notice they are all light.  In fact, if you look around this room, they all weigh zero pounds, because they’re just sitting on the table, you are not holding them and you don’t set them up when you want to type, and they prop up — they have good attributes.”

So, when I read the complaints on the size of Galaxy Note, it reminds me about this M$ guy.

Think out of the box. The reviewers concerning the dimension of galaxy Note are just a bunch of Steve Ballmers.

Why smartphone should be operated by one-hand? You get two hands! You get used to using one hand, because the phones you are using does not need two hands.

When you strain your eyeballs on the 3.5” LCD screen, is it comfortable to get a 5.3″ Super AMOLED?

When you use your fat and dirty finger on the tiny screen (is it for Gorilla?), is it more elegant to use a S-Pen on a larger display?

Why are you so cared about others’ eyes when you hold this phone near your ear? Are you are super star? Are they really care about you? No, for sure.

I like this phone because of its size.

Advice for man: size matters! Full HD, at least!.

Advice for ladies: size really matters! Mirror is bigger, at least.

What do

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List of latest Galaxy Note reviews

As Samsung Galaxy Note is heading to the US market, a lot of reviews for US (AT&T) version of this phone were published last week. Here we compiled a list of such reviews from CNET, PCWorld, engadget, phandroid, Android Community, as well as a negative review (seldom get) from Los Angeles Times.

1. Review from CNET by Jessica Dolcourt

cnet-galaxy-note-reviewGalaxy Note got a quite good review on performance, phone quality, 4G LTE connectivity, 5.3″ display, and the camera. The editor’s major concerns are: 1). the S pen is too small and 2). the size of this device may be awkwardly large for some people to fit into pocket.

So, the conclusion is:

The good: The Samsung Galaxy Note’s 5.3-inch HD screen is ideal for showcasing multimedia. It has 4G LTE, a great 8-megapixel camera, and a souped-up S Pen stylus that brings new ways to interact with your phone.

The bad: The Galaxy Note’s S Pen is small, has a delayed response, and requires a little training to use. The phone will be awkwardly large for some, and it doesn’t fit easily into pockets.

The bottom line: With its huge screen and throwback stylus, the Samsung Galaxy Note is a polarizing smartphone that winks at tablet territory. Those who like their screens XL will find a top-notch device that lets multimedia shine. The S Pen adds some artistic potential, but for some, the phone will just simply be too big.

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2. Review from PCWordl by Ginny Mies

galaxy-note-review-from-pcworldThe review is quite positive. The reviewer dived into some aspects that other reviewers overlooked, e.g., Samsung’s TouchWiz UI, S Memo. The reviewer’s major concern is the lack of apps for S Pen. Spot on. The conclusion is unique and impressive, but not for everyone.



  • Large, bright display
  • Snappy performance
  • Pen works well with user interface


  • A bit too large for a phone
  • Not enough apps support the pen

Bottom Line
With its large display and stylus-like pen, the Samsung Galaxy Note is a refreshing departure from the smartphone pack, but its design

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