5 million Galaxy Note Users cannot be wrong!


Samsung just announced they shipped 5,000,000 Galaxy Note. 5 months, 5 millions units shipped, it is impressive! Potentially (some are still in the vendors’s warehouse) 5 million users! For a smartphone, whose 5.3″ size was questions by many reviewerssince its initial release 5 months ago, it is a big success.  5 million buyers proved there […]

Is Galaxy Note really too large? size always matters!


Recently, I read so many reviews complaining on the size of Galaxy Note. The resentments include:  it is too large; the reviewer cannot operate it with one hand; it looks stupid when you hold it near your ear. Before I talk anything about these reviews, maybe we can watch the a video of Steve Ballmer […]

List of latest Galaxy Note reviews


As Samsung Galaxy Note is heading to the US market, a lot of reviews for US (AT&T) version of this phone were published last week. Here we compiled a list of such reviews from CNET, PCWorld, engadget, phandroid, Android Community, as well as a negative review (seldom get) from Los Angeles Times. 1. Review from […]