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Get to know how to use Voice Recorder application on Galaxy Note 3  to record or play voice memos. You will learn recording voice memos, changing the recording mode, playing voice memos, managing voice memos, saving files with contextual tags, managing categories, and viewing the Bookmarks list.

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Use Voice Recorder application on Galaxy Note 3  to record or play voice memos.

Tap Voice Recorder on the Applications screen.

Recording voice memos

Tap  to start recording. Speak into the microphone at the top of Galaxy Note 3.

Tap  to pause recording.

Tap  to finish recording.

While recording a voice memo, tap  to insert a bookmark.

Voice Recorder

  • Recording elapsed time
  • Display the list of voice memos.
  • Change the recording mode.
  • Start recording.

Changing the recording mode

Change the recording mode to record voice memo more clearly with predefined settings for various situations.

Tap , and select one of the recording mode.

Playing voice memos

Select a voice memo to play.

  •   : Trim the voice memo.
  •   : Set a portion of the recording for looped play.
  •   : Adjust the playback speed.
  •   : Skip a silent portion in the voice memo.
  •   : Make bookmarks on the voice memo.
  •   : Pause playback.
  •   /  : Skip to the previous or next voice memo.

To send a voice memo to others, tap   Share via, and then select a sharing method.

Managing voice memos

In the list of voice memos, tap  and select one of the following:

  • Share via: Send voice memos to others.
  • Delete: Delete voice memos.
  • Change category: Change the category of memos.
  • Sort by: Sort memos by date, title, or category.
  • Search: Search for voice memos.
  • Manage categories: Add, delete, or rename categories.
  • Settings: Change the voice recorder settings.
  • End: Close the voice recorder.

Saving files with contextual tags

In the list of voice memos, tap  → Settings, and then tick Contextual filename.

Managing categories

Creating a category

In the list of voice memos, tap   Manage categories → . Enter a category name, select a colour, and then tap Done.

Changing a category

In the list of voice memos, tap  Change category, select memos, tap Done, and then select a category to change.

Viewing the Bookmarks list

While playing a voice memo that has bookmark points, tap  Bookmarks to view the details.

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  1. Sunrise Seaport says

    The silence detection for voice memos does not work. Even in sections where my voice is converted to text properly, the ‘skip silence’ button will skip all the way past those sections. It usually skips over most of the memo! The threshold for silence detection should be BELOW that of voice transcription.

  2. Edi says

    I cannot use voice recorder to record a voice anymore. Every time I push the record button, it keeps notifying the other apps has record. What should I do?

  3. Tabitha Veasey says

    I wish that you could share your voice recordings to face book page and or as a text message to friends . Love my phone but don’t like that you cnt share voice recordings.

  4. Rick Pacenza says

    Can I record a voice ringtone like “it’s Harry calling” on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3? And when using the “easy mode” I lose a lot of stuff.

  5. shane says

    Hey, I would love to start doing interviews and I’m looking for something specific, maybe it would be offered by another app than the stock one. I love the bookmark option, but instead of using the onscreen button, I want to use the (volume down) button as the bookmark button. Is there a way I can do that? In order for me to not worry about where my finger is every time I want to bookmark.

  6. Maurice Perron says

    Got this phone note 3 recently. Just learning how it works. I get stumped when I download a recording . I go to the download file icon but nothing is in it. What do I do?

    • says

      Where did you download it from? You can always use My Files to find files in your phone.

      If it is recorded with your Note 3, you can find it in the sounds folder.

  7. Asif says

    Hello, the voice recorder in my samsung note 3 is giving error. Every time I press record it is giving me messege” unable to start new recording, other applications already recording.” I rebooted the device and also clean the cashe and closed the apps via clean master but no change. Please help!

    • says

      It’s probably due to Google voice detection. In the home screen, tap the 16 dots to enter so drawer. Tap Google settings (under Google folder). Tap search and now-voice – OK Google detection. Turn it off and try again.

    • says

      You can always rename the recorded file. If you turn on contextual file name, the name by default will be voicex_date.m4a. You can find the file in the Sounds folder. You can rename it with any file manager (My Files or ES File Explorer..)

      You can also put a logo for your recording (like album cover). The settings can be accessed by tapping the menu key (left) after starting voice recorder app.

  8. Brandonian says

    Hello, how can I just cleanly reply a voice message? I’ve tried using the A->B buttons at the start and finish but after a couple of runs, the application stops. I have recorded speeches that I’m trying to memorize and listen to while on the treadmill but I keep having to get off and reset it. Very annoying.

  9. cc says

    When o tried to stop the recorder after listening to what I recorded…I can figure out how to do that?? I can only figure out pause then when I tried hitting another icon I know have a letter A showing. How to I get out of that and stop it???

  10. lisa says

    Hi there I have the galaxy note 2. The original seeing had my voice recordings saved on the device. I made a recording I want to save on the eternal card. I have changed the setting so that in settings it days save to extetnal sd but I’m not sure if it automatically exports the recording I already made to external from device. Help please.

    • says

      No, only the new recordings are saved in the sd card. You can manly move the files with my files app. All voice recording files are saved under voice recorder folder in sdcard0 and ext sd card.

  11. says

    how much recording time does the note 3 have? i want to use it for interviews and need all day recording time. can i then send the recording to the audio typist via email?

    • says

      It depends on the storage you have on your phone. If you installed a sd card, you can save the voice recording to the sd card.

      The audio file size usually is not small. You probably should share it through Dropbox or Google drive. It is probably to large for most email providers.

  12. Sasha says

    Im Hoping you can help me, i recorded a class for a friend from my galaxy and the voice memo is about 2 hours long. I cant seem to find a way to send it to her because the voice memo is too long :( Do you know if theres any way i could send it to her email or something i could do to be able to send large voice memos??? Please help

  13. Bernard says

    Hi there, i noticed that the voice recorder on my S4 does not have recording mode as it is on old version whereas my other phone, note 3 is on version 2.

    My question is: does anyone have an idea on how to update this voice recorder on my s4? I’ve been searching and now hoping that someone might have apk for this. Please help. Thanks.

    • says

      Voice recorder is part of the firmware. You will get the update only when you update the phone. Have you updated your S4 to KitKat 4.4? In a few regions, it was updated to Lollipop 5.0 already.

      Btw, can you record in S4? What’s the error?

      • Bernard says

        Hi Simon,
        My S4 is running on KitKat 4.4.2 but my voice recorder is still on version 0.1 (checked under the app info). I can still record on S4 but there is no option to change the mode to interview, conversation or voice memo. That’s why I am hoping that someone might have an apk for me to install. I really like the voice memo mode on my Samsung Note 3 as it can convert to text from my speech. :)

  14. Yiann says

    I’ve had a terrible problem. I installed Samsung link in order to transfer my voice recordings, from lectures, in to my pc (W7). Upon finally transfering, via Share > Samsung Link and having to refresh each file a couple of times they ended in my pc. Now the problem is that only 1 of the 4 files can actually playback, the others do not play at all. At some point there were two that played but no sound was coming through. Needless to say that it’s been frustrating. I tried opening the files with iTunes/QuickTime, Windows Media, VLC and other OpenFiles programmes; I even tried converting the files to a different format and nothing worked. Then I tried a recovering program, free trial, but it took all day (10 hrs) and nothing. Do you know how I can fix this? Thanks in advance


    • says

      Can you play them on your the mobile device (note 3)?

      The best way to transfer such important files are through usb cable. And always check after transferring. You can also copy them to Google drive them access from other devices.

  15. says

    Hi Simon, no I can’t. I opened Samsung link on my note3 while connected via USB and dowloaded the files from my pc to my note3 and it should normaly start playing back when download but it just says that it cannot be played. When I did the original transfer from phone to pc it was via USB; but I did not check they could work on pc before deleting from phone. According to the files size details there should be information in there. I don’t know what else to try.

    • says

      When connecting through usb, you can directly copy and paste files. Samsung links may be not so reliable. The files could be corrupted during transferring. Did you try any other players on the pc?

  16. says

    Yes I did, WMP, Quick Time, VLC and directly from iTunes. Not sure what others there are, but if as you said that they could be corrupted then they might not play on any player. Sigh.

    • says

      Yes, if it is corrupted, it is hard to repair. File repairing is very expensive and the service provide will NOT guarantee anything (except the minimum charge).

      It is better to backup files with Kies to PC or manually copy them to your cloud drive if there is anything important for you.

      Personally, I would NOT recommend Samsung link.

  17. Rosa says

    Hi Simon, i have a problem with my note 2. i recorded my meeting for 20 minutes but when i checked at home i didn’t listen any voice, what should i do? thx

  18. Fran says

    I have galaxy note 2 and I’m trying to trim my voice memo but i can’t. Could you please help me? I used to scissor button and aligned the line to the point I want to cut but it doesn’t get trimmed.

  19. Joe says

    So how do I find out what what the tape conversation storage limit is? One more time how long is the length of a conversation that can be recorded before the tape runs out ?

    • says

      In voice recorder app, you can set to save the recording to internal storage or SD card. You can check the available space in settings – storage.

      The length depends on available space and record quality. In the voice recorder app, you can set the quality to high, normal or for mms. You can test one min and check the file size.

  20. Nick says

    Hi I have a Samsung Note 2. I trimmed a recording and mistakingly saved it as the original file. How can I get the rest of the file that’s been deleted? Please help. Thx

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