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Get to know how to use Voice Recorder application on Galaxy Note 3  to record or play voice memos. You will learn recording voice memos, changing the recording mode, playing voice memos, managing voice memos, saving files with contextual tags, managing categories, and viewing the Bookmarks list.

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Use Voice Recorder application on Galaxy Note 3  to record or play voice memos.

Tap Voice Recorder on the Applications screen.

Recording voice memos

Tap  to start recording. Speak into the microphone at the top of Galaxy Note 3.

Tap  to pause recording.

Tap  to finish recording.

While recording a voice memo, tap  to insert a bookmark.

Voice Recorder

  • Recording elapsed time
  • Display the list of voice memos.
  • Change the recording mode.
  • Start recording.

Changing the recording mode

Change the recording mode to record voice memo more clearly with predefined settings for various situations.

Tap , and select one of the recording mode.

Playing voice memos

Select a voice memo to play.

  •   : Trim the voice memo.
  •   : Set a portion of the recording for looped play.
  •   : Adjust the playback speed.
  •   : Skip a silent portion in the voice memo.
  •   : Make bookmarks on the voice memo.
  •   : Pause playback.
  •   /  : Skip to the previous or next voice memo.

To send a voice memo to others, tap   Share via, and then select a sharing method.

Managing voice memos

In the list of voice memos, tap  and select one of the following:

  • Share via: Send voice memos to others.
  • Delete: Delete voice memos.
  • Change category: Change the category of memos.
  • Sort by: Sort memos by date, title, or category.
  • Search: Search for voice memos.
  • Manage categories: Add, delete, or rename categories.
  • Settings: Change the voice recorder settings.
  • End: Close the voice recorder.

Saving files with contextual tags

In the list of voice memos, tap  → Settings, and then tick Contextual filename.

Managing categories

Creating a category

In the list of voice memos, tap   Manage categories → . Enter a category name, select a colour, and then tap Done.

Changing a category

In the list of voice memos, tap  Change category, select memos, tap Done, and then select a category to change.

Viewing the Bookmarks list

While playing a voice memo that has bookmark points, tap  Bookmarks to view the details.

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  1. Sunrise Seaport says:

    The silence detection for voice memos does not work. Even in sections where my voice is converted to text properly, the ‘skip silence’ button will skip all the way past those sections. It usually skips over most of the memo! The threshold for silence detection should be BELOW that of voice transcription.

  2. I cannot use voice recorder to record a voice anymore. Every time I push the record button, it keeps notifying the other apps has record. What should I do?

  3. Tabitha Veasey says:

    I wish that you could share your voice recordings to face book page and or as a text message to friends . Love my phone but don’t like that you cnt share voice recordings.

  4. Rick Pacenza says:

    Can I record a voice ringtone like “it’s Harry calling” on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3? And when using the “easy mode” I lose a lot of stuff.

  5. Hey, I would love to start doing interviews and I’m looking for something specific, maybe it would be offered by another app than the stock one. I love the bookmark option, but instead of using the onscreen button, I want to use the (volume down) button as the bookmark button. Is there a way I can do that? In order for me to not worry about where my finger is every time I want to bookmark.

  6. Maurice Perron says:

    Got this phone note 3 recently. Just learning how it works. I get stumped when I download a recording . I go to the download file icon but nothing is in it. What do I do?

    • Where did you download it from? You can always use My Files to find files in your phone.

      If it is recorded with your Note 3, you can find it in the sounds folder.

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