Indicator icons in Galaxy Note 3


Get to know the indicator icons in your Galaxy Note 3.

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The icons displayed at the top of the screen provide information about the status of Galaxy Note 3. The icons listed in the table below are most common.



No signal
Signal strength
Roaming (outside of normal service area)
GPRS network connected
EDGE network connected
UMTS network connected
HSDPA network connected
HSPA+ network connected
LTE network connected
Wi-Fi connected
Bluetooth feature activated
GPS activated
Call in progress
Missed call
Air gesture feature activated
Smart screen feature activated
Synced with the web
Connected to computer
No SIM or USIM card
New text or multimedia message
Alarm activated
S Pen removed
Silent mode activated
Vibration mode activated
Flight mode activated
Error occurred or caution required
Battery power level


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  1. Moira Davis says

    I have an Icon that isn’t listed. It looks like a pair of eye glass frames o o with a line across the top attaching them. What is that ?!

  2. says

    Icon at top of screen looks like an inverted check mark with a regular check mark next to it giving the appearance of the letter N. The 2 do not touch each other.

  3. Monja says

    I have icon on left side next to my 4g icon, it a square that has what looks like check marks, on goes up and other goes down.. Does anyone know that they mean.

  4. Davis says

    I have a side ways triangle who’s tip points to a 2 only on lock screen on the top left… Any ideas… It’s vexing me…

  5. kirsten says

    There’s a fire looking symbol right behind where it says 4G lte on my phone. Just appeared within the past hour. My phone isn’t slow or anything but I can’t figure it out

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